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    Hey Everybody

    I have been putting together some designs along with Amanda for our Monthly Specials and I wanted to know what you thought- good, bad, over the top? I am hoping to run it during October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and then later add them to our PureHearts Collection...

    It is a Chinese Freshwater Coin Pearl pendant accented with a Sterling Silver Heart-charm.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be highly appreciated!!
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    I have never, ever found a coin pearl design that would tempt me ...

    except this one. I love it. Now that's something coming from a coin pearl disliker.
    Pretty Panda pic by nlerner on her U.S. excursion last year, San Diego Zoo.[/SIZE][/SIZE]


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      Very nice! Good job guys!


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        I adore heart shapes so much and this is so cute! I love it...so tempted...*cry*
        A semi-serious beader with a newfound love for pearls


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          Such a great thing to hear from you guys thanks SO much!!!!!

          I had a great time putting it together and am crossing my fingers until it debuts in October to see how it'll do!

          Matching earrings? Or is that too matchy-matchy?...


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            I have to repeat that it is very cute. I would just do hearts for the matching earrings.



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              What's the dimensions of the pearl and charm?
              Pretty Panda pic by nlerner on her U.S. excursion last year, San Diego Zoo.[/SIZE][/SIZE]


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                What a great design. In silver, the coin pearl and heart are very pretty together.


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                  I like the idea and I like the design. Why not upgrade it latter to gold?
                  I'm sure that there will be a demand for it.
                  Good luck !


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                      The Coin pearl is a 12-13mm and they're really very lustrous and colorful... I wish the picture could pick that up! Sigh...

                      Good call on the earrings! I was thinking about keeping it on a simpler level myself

                      I was looking for high-polish White gold charms that would be a good match; I had wondered if the gold chain and the matte polish heart would be too much of a contrast, but I do like it as pictured too... Hmmm...

                      Thanks again, everybody for the feedback! The comments and compliments are so very appreciated!!


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                        Without knowing the size of the charm, it's difficult to imagine what I would propose for the earrings.

                        I would make two sets of earrings. One a matching color pearl stud with a silver heart frame and the other, a silver heart dangle with a small matching color pearl dangle inside the heart charm. That pair would provide a lot of interest and movement.

                        I would also make sure to introduce the set in October for Sweetest's Day. I think it would sell well for parents to give to their young daughters.
                        Pretty Panda pic by nlerner on her U.S. excursion last year, San Diego Zoo.[/SIZE][/SIZE]


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                          The coin pearl is lovely, and I like the whole idea. It supports a great cause and is very simple to wear anyday. Plus, especially for younger girls, it would be a great way to intorduce them to the whole pearl world we have going on.
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                            very pretty and simple enough to wear with casual clothes as well. Silly question-will the`pendant scratch the pearl over time?


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                              Hi Rabbit!

                              I don't believe there will be too much wear and tear on the pearl, the pendant is not heavily grating against the surface, more like just resting alongside. In my experience although pearls are certainly one of the softer gem materials and easily scratched, they usually do need someone to apply a certain pressure on the surface in order to scratch.