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Ebay seller Farm Direct Pearl? High quality pearls?

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    Most of this sellers from Ebay don't sell real pearl. This is may be the artificial jewellery you are talking about. This looks same as real.


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      I have found that most pearl sellers on Ebay are selling cultured Chinese freshwater pearls, not glass or plastic imitations, however, it is VERY common to call freshwater pearls akoyas, Tahitians or South Sea pearls.

      In my opinion, the worse the pearls, the more likely they are to be called other kinds of pearls.

      Even when the pearls are called freshwaters, they will be called 'AAA" or 'AAAA" when they are grade 'B' also known as commercial grade pearls.

      Even when the photo is of the best example of their wares, it is the only photo taken, and it represents all the necklaces they will sell - none of which are as good as the photo.

      Even when they say "9 mm" the way Chinese size pearls, you will only get two- three size 8.9 and the rest will be 8.1mm or so.

      There are some good Chinese sellers people here have recommended, and their prices are less than in bead stores here, but still not cheap and the sizing is still on the small side. What the good sellers often do is sell unusual shapes, colors and larger sizes than most.

      Buying pearls on Ebay is tricky; it is a gamble, but folks with a good pearl education can spend many hours chasing down good pearls and find very few of them worth buying.

      How to hand-knot pearls without a tool

      My avatar is a Sea of Cortez mabe pearl. One of a pair of Mexican handmade earrings.


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        ...and in this case pushing them through San Jose, CA. There are some weird shenanigans going on with them, photo swiping, inaccurate size listings etc…but that is all I am saying before I get in trouble again!

        Out of curiosity I bought a pair of earrings from them awhile back during summer I think…if I didn't love my dog so much I would have stuck them on her collar, but even she has quality standards. If I didn't have integrity I would've posted some of the communications here.

        Originally posted by Kevin Canning View Post
        well that isn't really accurate. You can buy pearls online for a fraction of what they might cost in brick and mortar.

        But It would be it is safe to say, there are very few if any true bargains on Ebay in terms of pearls. There may be a couple of legit sellers, but 99% of them are offshore dealers selling junk.
        No, Midge said, I take it back. I wouldnt get a mink coat the first thing. Know what Id do? Id get a string of pearls. Real pearls. Yes, Annabel said, slowly. I think thats a kind of a good idea. And it would make sense, too. Because you can wear pearls with anything.