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PP Freshadamas vs. pearldistributors.com "Freshwater Orient"?

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  • PP Freshadamas vs. pearldistributors.com "Freshwater Orient"?


    First time poster here! I want to purchase a good freshwater strand for myself and am torn between the PP freshadamas, and the "Freshwater Orient" pearls on pearldistributors.com.

    I love the look of the Freshadamas in the pictures on the PP website (and on this forum!), but the photos of the Freshwater Orients on the PD website look a bit different - but hard to tell if this is just in the photography?

    I have done a search of the forums and haven't really been able to find any feedback people have had about the Freshwater Orients.

    Does anyone have any experience with Freshwater Orients? Is there a reason why they don't seem to be all that popular on these forums, or have they sort of flown "under the radar"?

    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

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    They appear to be the same type of pearl.

    Although I have not purchased from Pearl Distributors, the owner is a member of Pearl-Guide, so I think you can buy safely and with confidence.
    Her profile page:


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      Thanks PearlDreams Much appreciated!


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        An additional question has popped up for me pearl-lovers

        I was all ready to make my purchase of a strand of 9-9.5mm pearls, when I realised that the price clocks in at $1,095 - meaning I'll have to pay Australian import duty of around $350. Import duty applies to all imported purchases of over $1,000.

        The price of the 8-9mm strand (the next size down) is $699. I wouldn't be charged import duty for this amount.

        I really had my heart set on the 9-9.5mm, as this is the largest size the site offers for gem quality freshwater pearls, but the price for the bigger size plus the import duty means the total cost is going to come to DOUBLE the cost of the 8-9mm.

        My question is, is the difference in size going to be really noticeable? Is it worth an extra $700+ for the 9-9.5mm?


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          I think you'll have to see it for yourself. Thankfully, The Seventh Sphinx and POJ have produced photos in answer to your very question. Check them out.



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            Because there is a range of pearl sizes in the strands, the larger strand will be 20% to 40% larger, rounding off a bit (20% larger in the center pearls, 40% larger in the end pearls).
            Also, since the range of the larger strand is only .5mm (9-9.5) the strand as a whole will be larger. That is, it won't graduate as much.

            For explanation, see my thread on the significance of pearl volumes: https://www.pearl-guide.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8465

            Basically it's not the diameter of the pearl that you have to consider but the volume, since pearls are 3-dimensional objects.

            The volume range of the 8-9mm strand is 268 cubic mm (for the 8mm end pearls) to 382 cubic mm (for the 9mm center pearls.)
            The volume range of the 9-9.5mm strand is 382 cubic mm (for the 9mm end pearls) to 449 cubic mm (for the 9.5mm center pearls.)

            Dividing the larger by the smaller end pearls of the two strands, the 9mm pearl is approximately 1.4 times (i.e. 40% larger than) the 8mm pearl.
            Dividing the larger by the smaller center pearls of the two strands, the 9.5mm pearl is approximately 1.2 times (about 20% larger than) the 9mm pearl.

            This means that the larger strand will be between 20-40% larger than the smaller strand. (There is a larger difference between 8mm and 9mm end pearls than there is between 9mm and 9.5mm center pearls).

            Only you can decide if the size difference is worth it to you, but in my experience, money spent on things I don't really want is money wasted. Get what you really want, if you can afford it, or you may always feel a bit dissatisfied when you put them on.
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              Wow, thanks for that explanation Pearl Dreams. Really broke it down for me! And I do think that you're right that if I get the smaller size, I might always regret it a little. I'm going to spend the extra money to get the larger set I think. Will post pics when they arrive!


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                Yeah, with the smaller strand you'd always be thinking "I spent that much and still don't have what I really want."

                There is a (mostly) freshwater pearl seller in Australia who is a member of Pearl-Guide, but her pieces are one-of-a-kind with handmade rolled gold (what we call "gold filled") findings. Her stock is different from that of PP, but you might want to have a look for future purchases that won't involve paying customs:



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                  I have a 9-9.5 Freshadama white strand from PP and it is absolutely gorgeous! The pearls are very round and lustrous and the overtones are very pretty. I also considered an 8-9mm single strand from PP and while I liked it, I really loved the size of the 9-9.5mm. IMO it was worth the extra money.


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                    Well, I'm in Australia as well so I understand this dilemma. I'd just typed out a few suggestions and then lost connection. In the meantime I went to the PP site to have a look and noticed that there is a save 10% for sharing on facebook. Now I didn't click on it so I don't know what it applies to..but if it applies to anything that that should drop you to below 1000AUD with no problem.

                    The duty thing is an issue at times but we are pretty fortunate that we have $1000 limit...most places it's way way lower.
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