Eusharon: Any Feedback?

C. C.

Jul 30, 2016
I am in the market for loose bead-nuked pearls and contemplating purchasing from Eusharon. However, I am not familiar with the company. I am hoping someone with prior experience buying from, or dealing with them, can help provide feedback. I've searched the forums but have not found anything relevant.

Interestingly, they offer two types of bead-nukes: Edison and what they call Freshwater AKs (which they also call "film seed pearls"). Can someone help cut through the marketing speak--is there any material difference between the two. From their website, the only difference I can make out is that Edisons take 3-5 years to grow while Freshwater AKs take 2-3 years. Apart from that, it seems like the Edisons are being positioned to compete with SSPs (hence the 1mm difference between measurements) while the latter is being positioned to compete with Akoyas (being measured in 0.5mms and with their luster being described--somewhat misleadingly--as "Hanadama").


Freshwater AKs:

Any guidance will be appreciated. Thank you in advance!
I have messaged with them before, they are prompt in response and send pics/video of actual inventory

I havent purchased yet though because i live in the philippines, and i worry about them getting lost in customs here (the philippines is shady)
Only bead nucleated freshwater pearls from the Edison Pearl Company (AKA Grace Pearl) are Edison pearls. There are many other bead nucleated freshwater pearls out there, and Edison is becoming a generic name for them. They can also be called Ming pearls. I have no idea what they are selling called AK pearls.
Hanadama is a trade term for pearls which have been graded and certified by the Pearl Science laboratory in Japan.