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Sticking my NECK out here :) Asking for opinions

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  • Sticking my NECK out here :) Asking for opinions

    Thoughts please.....since now I'm wondering about pearl length....

    Here is a photo of my 48 year old neck with my new lovey strand of gem quality pearls from PP. It is 16 inches and considering having it made longer. Any thoughts from those in my age group about the length? Sorry, if the photo isn't too clear, wasn't easy for me to take a picture of my neck.




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    We have similar necks

    I do wear some 16" strands but I prefer longer. However even at the 16" length, if the pearls are nice, I think people look at the pearls and not at our necks!

    One way you could draw the eye downward without lengthening the strand is by using an enhancer.


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      Pearl Enhancer

      What is a pearl enhancer and how does it work?


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        It's a pendant whose bail opens so that it can be clasped on over the pearls. It can also hang on a chain, so it's versatile. Sueki used an enhacer type bail on this pendant she made:



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          Here is a photo of an enhancer from TPO:



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            OK, one more comment and thread-- Terry (TPO) himself says that if the enhancer is worn a lot, it will cause wear on the surface of the pearls. so an enhancer should probably be an occasional thing.

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              Jody, I think you look just fine in this length. It is not a choker on you but it is a short length. They can be worn with just about anything as is. You have nothing to fear.

              I guess the only thing to be concerned with is the future. Do you think you will continue to like this length 5-10 years from now?


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                I agree with Silversea; the necklace looks great as it is.
                And, if in ten year's time you prefer something longer, well then, you will just have to buy another
                And then you will have two to wear separately or together as the mood takes you. And if they have ball clasps you can join them for a longer rope.


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                  I will be 67 in a few months and I am getting wattles. Anyway, I have a 13+mm klonk CFWP choker. It was a $10 find because the pearls have chips out of them, and I strung it up and wore it to the ballet in SF. People actrually came up and commented on my lovely Tahitian..!!! I swear, it takes the eyes off my aging neck. when your gaze gets to that part- there is a lovely pearl necklace! And yours qualifies far better than mine did!

                  Just for fun here is a picture of my cracked black klonk. there is a pic of me wearing it in my profile.
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                  How to hand-knot pearls without a tool

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                    Strand length

                    Hi, I usually lurk and don't post much. I am not an expert either. This is just my 2 cents. I think it looks fine. But if you change your mind, buy a longer strand...the more reason to get more pearls.
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                      What's a wattle? No, don't tell me! I probably have them, and don't know it. Ignorance is bliss!

                      I think the necklace looks great!
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                        I think it looks very nice on you. If you like it, wear it and be merry! Like the other posters, I think buying a second, longer strand is a great idea. Just more options.
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                          I think it looks lovely on you (16 inches wouldn't go around MY neck!), and your neck is LOVELY!
                          One thing about shorter lengths is I think they throw a sort of pearlescence up onto your face, which has to be good. Mostly I wear longer lengths as I live in the tropics and I can wear them over my clothes so they don't get all sweaty (ewwwww). Dry season I will go back to shorter ones for a while.
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                            Originally posted by knotty panda View Post
                            What's a wattle? No, don't tell me! I probably have them, and don't know it. Ignorance is bliss!

                            I think the necklace looks great!

                            Hi Knotty,

                            I too am wondering what wattle means but you are right, perhaps it is bliss not to know


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                              Did you guys ever watch Ally McBeal? There was a character with a wattle fetish ...
                              Aspiring ninja. Go Storm Shadow!