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Please help me chose before my brain fizzes out of my ears

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    Feel better soon! Although the photos are small, you can really see the strand is wonderful! I can't wait to see how you set that amethyst with the pearls. You done good!
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      Thank you everyone love your responses! I'm feeling much better today

      I'm sorry the pics are so small.. I know I made a pic bigger once before on here by pressing everything and just fiddling around till it worked haha.

      It really is the most gorgeous strand. Every single pearl looks round to my eyes yet on the phone camera some look a bit oval! I literally spent a few minutes yesterday whilst taking the pics looking from the screen to the pearls and scratching my head at the difference I was seeing. Plus I see a slight, ever so slight rose overtone to them I LOVE it!!!! Just love love love the warmth and depth I see. They look so romantic.

      I feel like such a star in them! I love their coldness when I first put them on and I love throughout the day whatever I'm engrossed with, I'll move my neck and suddenly feel them and just smile. I need another strand now!!!! Hehe otherwise I'll wear only this 1 so much and 'wear it out faster'.... I do so so hope it stays this beautiful for generations! My daughter will grow up seeing me always wearing them and when she's an adult I want her to be able to wear them with their same beauty.... and I can't wait to show it off to my family!!!!! Did I say how glamorous I feel in them? I really do!!

      Oh btw this was the original strand with a few pearls swapped out. I know now ill always always trust the good folks at PP'S opinions including Jeremy's... He steered me away from the least luster strand and I'm so grateful! Until I held these pearls I really thought I prioritised shape and colour over luster how wrong was I??? So grateful to Jeremy for that, he could have just told me what I wanted to hear and got me out of his hair faster haha.


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        Lovely on you, Moonpie, lovely!
        Wear often and enjoy every minute of them!
        Happy Huku


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          Maybe I missed it, but if I look at the original photo you posted, which strand did you pick?


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            They are very pretty on you!


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              Originally posted by BWeaves View Post
              Maybe I missed it, but if I look at the original photo you posted, which strand did you pick?
              I believe she picked this one from the other thread:



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                Yes its the original stand that I initially felt unsure about. In the picture with all the freshadama strands, it's the very top strand. The one destined for me all along!


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                  That was the one I liked best!


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                    Those pearls are amazing! You never really know for sure from photos, so you have to trust good advice to help make the final decision. After all that angst, I'm glad you got your happy-ever-after ending.


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                      Hi Moonpie, it's great that you're already recovering!

                      Did you change the individual pearls for improved roundness, or color? both? The strand you got is wonderful, and your enjoyment is delightful!