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Will lustre on Freshadamas diminish over time?

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    I purchased my freshadama 5 years ago, do not notice any change in color or luster. Had it restrung with a different style clasp recently and the local jeweler commented about its very high luster and roundness. Think you will be very happy with yours once the front ones are changed out.


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      To my eye, the center pearl is a bit off-round compared to the rest of the strand, and there are about 4 pearls that look like they may be a bit more rose toned than the rest of the strand. But cameras pick up more colour than our eyes, so this may not be visible in person (my Akoyas are like this. In pictures they look quite multi-tonal, but in person they look perfectly matched). I'd be more concerned about shape, as that is what will be most visible once on. They also seem a bit short. They might hang better if they were just a smidge longer, but the model may have a slightly larger neck than you do. Plus, they will loosen up a bit and hang better once they are worn for a bit.

      But I am being deliberately over-critical given that you are not in a position to be able to send them back (which I can also relate to).


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        Since you are talking about Freshadamas, they are a higher grade of pearls and are selected in-person by experts from Pearl Paradise. They can tell if pearls have been over-processed, so you shouldn't worry about them going dull. I have two strands of Freshadama pearls, about 7 and 8 years old and they look terrific.


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          Thanks for all the info guys you are great!!! Now I'm driving myself crazy over what to go for after I got sent a pic of the range of freshadamas and a white metallic. I'm going to post the pic up, can you guys let me know which strand is your favourite and why? Thank you!!!
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            I have natural pearls I wear daily that are from 50-100 years old. While the nacre rubs off over time as can be seen around the drill holes, it just exposes more nacre.

            That is my theory for the freshwaters too. Once I wore a freshwater bracelet for over a year, day in and day out on a challenge re how the thread would hold up as opposed to silk. It was made of pink and lustrous potato pearls from the bead shoppe. At the end of the 15 months or so, not only had the thread (power pro) stood up to daily washing, which silk never could, the pearls were even more lustrous than before.

            If you want your pearls to keep their luster, wear them! In a life time you will only wear a few/thousandths of a mm off the surface. For an example, my MiLaw's famous ropes of akoyas were worn daily for decades. Some had wear around the bead, none had wear through the body of the nacre, even though that was the part that rubbed skin daily.

            What is the one "treatment" all the pearls growers do? Buff them a bit to take off the stuff that clings and bring out the luster....

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