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Will lustre on Freshadamas diminish over time?

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  • Will lustre on Freshadamas diminish over time?

    With all the proper care ie last thing on first thing off etc, will they be exactly the same in 20 years as the day you brought them?

    I ask because I've been reading about the bleaching of freshadamas and how it's not permanent, so what does this mean in real life terms?

    What can we expect to see happening over the years to a highly look-aftered strand of freshadamas?

    Thank you!

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    The Freshadamas have not been around for 20 years so we don't know yet.

    I venture to say that no pearls that are worn regularly will look the same after 20 years. Being soft, they will gradually absorb skin oils, pollution etc. all of which can have a dulling effect. Caring for them well will reduce this to a minimum.

    That said, I have other FWP from the 1980s that still have lots of luster. So I am not very worried about this.


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      I have my grandmother's pearls, which she bought in the early 1960s, which are akoyas with thin nacre. I only replaced them last year (2015) with new Freshadamas and both she and I wore her akoyas regularly. If akoyas lasted 55 years, then Freshadamas with thicker nacre should last even longer.


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        Akoyas have a harder luster from the start, however. The FWP are treated to tighten up the luster. Will this treatment last? Time will tell.


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          Very interesting... but havnt freshwater pearls always had the bleaching so I guess if freshwaters from ages ago have lasted years no reason why freshadamas shouldn't too...?

          On aside, I'm awaiting a 7.5-8mm freshadama strand with strong silver overtone (with least amount of rose or ivory) and roundness was one of the "really important to me" points. As well as very high lustre (when isn't that a priority)!

          So this is a pic of the strand but I feel a bit...hmmm... about it. Something feels 'wrong' but I can't vocalise or pinpoint what exactly, so please feel free to give me your honest opinions.
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            Bleaching is not the same thing as luster treatment. Whether the results of luster treatment will last is the question.

            The strand looks pretty. There does seem to be a little variation in the colors of the pearls in front; 3 seem to have a bit more rose than the adjacent pearls.


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              Ok exactly the problem I was seeing, good to know I'm not going mad or 'pearl eyed' from looking at hundreds of different strands on the net all day... Thank you!

              I wasn't aware the freshadamas had any luster treatment, I think it's only bleaching they go through. I know a pp representative told me they have had no 'treatments' done.


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                Luster treatment is done to all of them at the factory level. It's not a treatment that has to be disclosed.

                Jeremy has posted at various times about the luster treatments FWP get. Here is one such thread:


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                  Do you have them in your hands yet, moonpie? Is this your photo? Oh, sorry, I see you're "awaiting".

                  I see overtones of blue, cream and pink all over, but this is a photo.

                  Well, since you mentioned that Roundness is very important to you, are you concerned that the pearls on the sides look flattened? I think you'll have to see them in person to judge, or you could give them a quick call and ask them to double check. 8-way-rollers are rare in freshwater pearls, so it's not uncommon to have really round pearls at the front of a strand, slightly off round at the sides.

                  Absolutely round pearls are easier to get in an Akoya strand.
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                    Thanks Lisa. I don't notice any button ish shapes on the pearls in the side... I know even freshadamas won't be perfectly round but they are the closest I can get in my current (tiny) budget.

                    I've spoken to Mia whom is going to change a few of the individual pearls with the overly rose or ivory tone. I'm hoping after that I will look at the stand and feel instant love! I've seen a couple of freshadamas (and even in this same size) online in people's reviews and I've thought 'that is absolutely perfect'. Right now, I don't feel the same way about this strand so I hope once it's been adjusted a little it will be 'perfect'. I'm in the UK so I won't do returns (absolute hassle not to mention losing money on bank conversion charges and vat which don't get refunded) so I'm a little extra insistent on it being perfect in my eyes/what I want before its posted out.

                    Thanks for the link pearl dreams, going to read that after I've got my son off to bed!


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                      I think that's super moonpie. Fingers crossed!

                      Budget, tell me about it. I save and save and save, but pearls that you love are worth it.


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                        I think the strand must not be strung yet, so the pearls are very close together. I think it is just an optical illusion that the side pearls are flattened.


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                          Oh the pearls were strung. I felt (still do) so bad that I didn't love it straight away and feel bad that it now has to be re strung. I should have asked for a pic before it was sent of for stringing, duh me! Its just that ive seen freshadama strands this size online, silver overtone and they looked perfectely matched (colours overtones and size wise) and just generally bright. I don't see all that in this strand as it is.

                          I think it might just be this very closely cropped pic of the side pearls being flattened, in the bigger pic I really don't see it.


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                            Just managed to read that link on luster treatment... a bit worried now! I don't want my strand to 'go bad' after only 3 months.... I'm planning on it lasting 3 decades��


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                              That was in reference to low quality freshwaters. In a more recent post Jeremy discussed how over the years he has come to know which factories process pearls best.

                              I bought my Freshadamas in 2007 and they are still lustrous.

                              I really think your strand will be okay, don't panic!