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Pearly Urchin by Hans-Ulrich Pauly

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The Tucson GJX show has a treat inside - the Idar-Oberstein Group Pavilion. Here you can find gem carvings of myriad themes and materials. And at the Pauly booth, we were surprised to find that pearls were represented.

Behold the beautiful sea urchin carved from gemstone and encrusted with pearls! Beautifully carved by Hans-Ulrich Pauly, down to the tiniest detail.

No aspect was left unfinished in this beautiful piece. The underside was as lovingly carved as the top. All their...

More Sea Life Earrings from Isabelle Langlois

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Once again, I found some lovely pearl jewels at Isabelle Langlois in the JCK Tucson show. Here are two beautiful pairs of sea life earrings to enjoy as the newest Pearls of the Week.


Click here to see earlier Isabelle Langlois gems.

See more at www.isabellelanglois.com

Blaire Beavers

Alishan Textured Natural Pearl Pendant

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The artistry of Alishan is evident in this elegant textured pendant. And what better adornment than a lovely natural freshwater pearl? Alishan Halebian makes jewelry that is irresistible on many levels. This is a piece that could be worn every day in every situation.

Alishan was our first featured designer as a Pearls of the Week HERE.

Visit the Alishan website to see video and more, or find Alishan on Facebook. Alishan will be exhibiting at the Couture Show at Wynn Las Vegas, May 28...

A&Z Pearls - Incredible Wineskin Pearl Necklace

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Avi Raz has tremendous respect for the beauty of pearls. His one of a kind pearl jewels bear witness to his lively creativity and are a celebration of the unique properties of each pearl.

In this necklace, a large baroque pearl has transformed into a wineskin and is a testament to the bounty of the grape harvest.

Avi Raz and A&Z Pearls have won many awards for their creations and we are happy to share this one as a Pearls of the Week.

You can see more one of a kind jewels at their...

Galatea Tahitian Pearl Pendant Blooms with Diamonds

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Galatea - Jewelry by Artist

Just as Michelangelo said, "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.", Chi Galatea Huynh looked at Tahitian pearls and knew that sculpture would set free the gems he envisioned inside -- This from our previous Pearls of the Week here.

This pendant drives home the incredible creativity of Chi Huynh and is a great addition to our Pearls of the Week collection.

Enjoy the website: www.galateausa.com

Blaire Beavers

Pacific Coast Pearls - Abalones Gone Wild!

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Tish and Wes Rankin of Pacific Coast Pearls were showing an amazing array of natural pearls at the GJX Show in Tucson, AZ, earlier this month.

So let's skip the jewelry this week and go straight for the incredible color of the wild abalone pearl!

And we're letting you in on a little trade secret -- nothing shows pearl color better than a white paper towel!

You can see more of their pearls and unique jewelry on their website: www.pacificcoastpearls.com

Blaire Beavers

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