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Rare and Dazzling: Conch Pearl, Diamond and Ruby Bracelet

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Rawat Gems and Tara Pearls collaborate on bringing lovely natural pearl jewelry to the high end jewelry market. This bracelet was literally a show-stopper as many people were drawn to the showcase at the Tucson AGTA show to gaze at it.

Here also, was a lovely and delicate conch pearl and diamond necklace.



Blaire Beavers

Pearls and Lingerie - The Seventh Sphinx

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The Seventh Sphinx is a Style Blog with a capital S. The latest pearl musings are all about how well they go with lingerie. But her photos say it all...

"This is a lovely freshwater tin cup necklace from Etsy shop LiliasTreasures and absolutely stunning rosy gold ripple earrings from Pearlescence."

I hope you'll spend some time seeing what The Seventh Sphinx is all about.


Blaire Beavers

Sea Hunt Pearls, Jack Lynch, and the Souffle' Pearl

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Back in 2010, Jack Lynch of Sea Hunt Pearls sent a pre-AGTA Tucson show email blast to his clients: a new pearl is coming to town!

And it's smelly! (When drilled.)

But very beautiful.

Enter the aptly-named Souffle' Pearl, Jack's gift to the pearl industry...

On opening day, I hustled over to the Sea Hunt Pearls booth and bought several magnificent pearls and took them home. The result: my photograph and article in JCK Magazine have been replicated all over the internet and Jack's...

Tahitian Pearls meet Big Gems in this Utopia Necklace

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Magnificent -- yet fun -- this Tahitian pearl necklace looks like it was scooped out of a bowl of hard candies. Utopia has a special knack for mixing large gems with pearls from the South Sea. This treasure shows exactly why Utopia has made their design mark in the jewelry world.

This necklace was one of many beautiful Utopia jewels displayed at the Couture Show in Las Vegas. As I have said before, the opening video on their web page is worth the visit, but you'll want to see more...

Darn Cute - an Emiko SQUIRREL!

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Another charming use of unusual South Sea cultured pearls - a squirrel!

Emiko Pearls International never runs out of creative ideas for their stunning pearl jewelry. This brooch design joins a distinctive group of Emiko Pearls of the Week, which you can see here and here.


Blaire Beavers

Sea Life Fantasy Necklace - Massimo Izzo

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This lovely necklace was featured in the design competition at the Couture show in Las Vegas this year, where I captured it to share with our aficionados of pearl jewelry. It has also been featured in an article in the Italian FEM / Emotion Fashion Magazine, October 2014 Editorial. The artist, Massimo Izzo, is incredibly talented. I hope we see more pearls from him in the future.

Enjoy the website www.massimoizzo.com
And on Facebook: Massimo Izzo Jeweler

Blaire Beavers

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