Burmese Triple Threat

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The AGTA Tucson show is filled with fabulous gems that compete for attention, but this necklace stopped everyone in their tracks.

Painstakingly collected for twelve years, starting in the 1960s, this triple strand necklace of natural-color pale pink cultured Burmese pearls is virtually priceless.

Fran Mastoloni says ?The pink color was a little more prevalent in the early days of Burma. Lately, however, the colors are more champagne to cream.?

Ranging in size from 10.3 to 15.3mm...

Adventures in Pearl Farming - The Unexpected

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Douglas McLaurin of Perlas del Mar de Cortez pearl farm in Mexico will be a regular contributor with his column "Adventures in Pearl Farming".

The Unexpected

June and July are very special months here at our small pearl farm in the Gulf of California: the water is warm and inviting, the waters clear up and it is also the time to reap the harvest of pearls. After years of culturing, our precious little gems are ready to come out of their watery environment and into Life.

Last June -while...

Isabelle Langlois: Etoile De Mer

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Last February, as I made my way through the new JCK Tucson show, I almost missed discovering Isabelle Langlois. Fortunately, on my way out, I slowed down to scrutinize a display case and saw an amazing pair of pearl earrings.

The pearls were inset into what appeared to be swirls of pink shell enamel. I asked if I could take a photograph and Bruno, Business Development Manager for Isabelle Langlois, said that they were too new and he wouldn't be able to get permission while I was at the...

Pearls of the Week - Alishan

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Alishan Halebian designs sculptural and sensuous jewelry. Having seen some great Alishan pearl pieces in the past, I hurried over to the new JCK Tucson show to find his booth.

These thrilling rings are the inaugural Pearl Jewels of the Week. Alishan and his wife, Lydia Tutunjian are lovely people, always willing to help. Lydia arranged the South Sea and Tahitian pearl rings for this photograph.

You can see more at their website,, on their Facebook page, or at JCK shows...

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