Burmese Triple Threat

The AGTA Tucson show is filled with fabulous gems that compete for attention, but this necklace stopped everyone in their tracks.

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Painstakingly collected for twelve years, starting in the 1960s, this triple strand necklace of natural-color pale pink cultured Burmese pearls is virtually priceless.

Fran Mastoloni says ?The pink color was a little more prevalent in the early days of Burma. Lately, however, the colors are more champagne to cream.?

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Ranging in size from 10.3 to 15.3mm, these Burmese South Sea cultured pearls are a masterpiece of organic beauty. They have almost been sold before, but it is hard to price something so rare. Indeed, it would not be possible to recreate this necklace once it has been sold.

Meanwhile, it will be waiting in the Mastoloni vault.

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(Burma is now known as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, or just Myanmar. However, the historical name of Burma has a long history of association with the finest gems and is still used by many gemologists and dealers.)

Blaire Beavers