What's on your Pearl wish list?

aerinha said:
I'm after a multi-colored SS strand in baroque.

Ooh, do show pics when it's done - I love custom pieces!
Hmmm, let's see:

1. Tahitan strand, probably 9 -10 mm or 10 -11 mm, with matching earrings and a single strand bracelet along with a single pearl pendant that goes with all of that. The color/overtone is something I have to still figure out.
2. Exotic freshwaters, can't wait to see what's they'll be and I'll probably end up buying something!
3. Akoya - hanadama strand, 9 - 10 mm with matching stud earrings or possibly just a 7 -8 mm double strand with matching stud earrings.
4. Sea of Cortez: almost anything from there!

I don't want much, do I?