What's on your Pearl wish list?



what's on your pearl wish list?

I would like some super orient baroque pearls, like zeide's "wilma flintstone necklace", 18 inch. They can be fresh or salt water.

I would like some red -dyed fresh water pearls

I would like to see some sea of cortez cultured pearls
Hi Lady Kemma,

Although the other pieces on your wish list may be easy to come by, red-dyed cultured pearls are by and large hideous. I have seen a lot of them and not a single good one. Even the bad ones are not all that common and typically the color is flat with no overtones or orient.

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Wow, natural bright red color pearls? I would love to see (and probably buy) that!

Some fancy color baroque with good orient would be lovely, it would look lively and seductive and almost like it has a story to tell...

I was browsing and saw some cherry blossom shape pearls with nice color on King's Ransom Pearls (http://pearlgoddess.com), are those natural? It seems like it is a wholesale company so I didn't email for information. King's Ransom was mentioned in the Modern Jeweler magazine so I checked out their webpage. There are some other webpages that carry baroque freshwater pearl in fancy colors but it was very difficult for a nonprofessional like me to judge quality based on pictures on the web.

Zeide Erskine said:
Although the other pieces on your wish list may be easy to come by, red-dyed cultured pearls are by and large hideous. I have seen a lot of them and not a single good one. Even the bad ones are not all that common and typically the color is flat with no overtones or orient. Since all dyes that can color a pearl red are acidic, the surface suffers and if you get any surface reflectivity at all, it has to come from coatings. However, Chinese freshwater pearls can be naturally bright red. Wouldn't that be a great challenge for Jeremy to bring on the reds? The truely wild fancy colors? I would love to see that, too.

It's true that dyed reds are not easy to come by.

I have bought this bracelet about 3 years back.
3.5mm of off-round pearls.. mixed colors.. reds, greens, greys...

It looks really nice although I can't get the pictures quite right. The reds are far from hideous but they're few and really small.


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Hi Sam,

That is a very colorful bracelet.


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Thanks for opening the can, Lady . K ! :)

There are dark purple pearls on the list. I didn't know the color is possible in a predictable way before finding Pearl-Guide. Now I can't get those off my mind!

Otherwise, wouldn't say no to a trio of light gray pearls.

It must be contamination from the rest of precious stone stories: for some reason I couldn't quite understand how invasive treatments are so accepted for fine pearls while so frowned upon for anything else precious. So... I've got a long way to go catching up on a decent pearl stash.
Pearl wish list huh???

Hmmm. to make it simple, I woudl like a few examples, in all of the possible colors from all the regions Pearls were "farmed" pre 1600 in Europe. ME, Near East, Far East and The Americas as well as in tact examples of the mollusk shells.

Also to find mroe information than I aleady have on how to make a Bow drill for Drilling holes in pearls Pre 1600 Techniques of course, TO be able to visually see and inspect some pre 1600 pearl farming tools used from different regions... and finally handwritten techniques for setting pearls into different types of Jewelry for diferent regioons Pre 1600 of Course.....

My Deepest wish is to Accurately show what pearls from where were available. how they did the fishing, drillign ans setting pre 1600 Actual Examples help and being able to study extant pieces ....

This Is a WISH list right????????

The mroe realistic wish is to be able to find all the information I am seeking be it museums, People allowing me to see piecs from privatge collections, books etc,, to prove that pearls were not just an adornment pre 1600. to prove they had a "world of their own and deserve more respect as teh queen of gems than they get!

Okay off soapbox and back to re-reading some bbooks to see if I did miss anythig that can help me in my search

Cheers All
Satine De La Courcel said:
Pearl wish list huh???
[...] Pre 1600 of Course.....

What an intriguing wish list!

May I ask why the 1600 cut?
Hi Valeria,

I do Historical re-enactmentrecreation and the group I Play whit studies history from 600-1600. and pearls fro what I have researche dhave had a more vital role in history than people give them credit for. IMO. In this group people tend to portray those that have money from different time peiods, Italian Renaissance, Elizabethan, Vikings, ANglo-Saxons, Burgundian, and hardly anyone portrays the pearl adornment one sees in illuminations, Statues, extant pieces of clothign and jewelry and other vices true to what would have been.. also IMO

Most people I know tend to think pearls were an Elizabethan or Byzantine Era thing only and use it as beaded.. there is more to it that that alliances for war were bought and sold with pearls. The pearl trade was interesting then. Pearls were used in medicines and makeups in different regions/timeframes etc..... I hope to educate that and help gain Peals the respect they deserve.

And its bringing two passions of mine together....

Short Wish List

Short Wish List

1. Freshadamas 11mm. One necklace, two bracelets and studs (in white).

2. Golden South Sea necklace or bracelet - whatever, I just love looking at them, they look like sunshine and make me happy. (Make that perfect spheres in 14mm and a baroque strand for every day).

3. Sea of Cortez bracelet. I like bracelets because I can admire the pearls anytime (dicey when driving though). Maybe some other native-to-the-Americas pearls if I see some I like. As long as we're rubbing the lamp here, I'll take a necklace and earrings to match.

4. CFW ropes in different lengths and diameters from 20" to kneesies to wear in different combinations, as double, triple or multiple necklaces, wrapped bracelets, festoons, etc.

5. Very high luster baroques - I am very fond of baroques, this is only in 5th place because I simply don't know where to get them in a decent quality. (I forgot, Genie knows all....)

6. RED pearls? Oh YES because it's my favorite color. What could be more exotic? I can't warm up to the idea of dye baths though. I kinda like pink too but that's a diffent animal.

7. Different color Tahitian pearls - they're like Dupioni silk, so many different color combinations - today I like the light gray with aqua overtones, although the sage greens sound scrumptious too.

I'll stop there. One of everything will do, heh heh. I prefer pearls without other gems or gold - just by themselves. I find them very soothing somehow, calming.
zeide can you post a picture of the red lop noors. apprently i have NOT seen them. thanks

red poils.....what a wonder.
3. Sea of Cortez bracelet. I like bracelets because I can admire the pearls anytime (dicey when driving though).

hah! i thought i was the only one to admire pearl bracelet while driving. usually at stop lights though, and people honk to get me out of the spell.

dang mikimotos!

my co-workers don't see what i see in pearls.
Hi Lady Kemma,

Somehow every time I post a picture the maximum allowable size has just been cut down, but I'll try. Daylight shot, dyed red freshwater.


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My wish list only has a classic Tahitian strand on it at the moment...as long as it looks something like these two. I love the colour of the first one, but the second one is 15-17.9mm!

Oh, and Happy Birthday Jeremy!


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I would like a few Bahrainain pearls or light gold freshwater pearls to add to my little natural pearl necklace. I'd love for it to be about 2 inches longer. I've collected a few low-grade South Seas on eBay just to try and match the color. They will be my samples like paint-store color chips when I go shopping for the additions one day. Oh, I'd also like to have a local jeweler who really knows and loves pearls.
Oh, I'd also like to have a local jeweler who really knows and loves pearls.

Now that you bring that up, I feel really fortunate that there is one of those within driving distance although they are open by appointment only and during the hours when I make the money to spend there. I'm a little reluctant to go for a couple of reasons 1) I'll lust after pieces that will no doubt be far beyond my means, and 2) anything I buy there will make everything else I own look like junk. <Sigh> I'll go as soon as I replenish the pearl purse. I may be too hard on myself, but I'm equating it with dining at a 5-star restaurant - if you have to look at the prices you can't afford to eat there. At the same time I've always thought it is better to have an empty room with one fine piece of furniture than a room full of cheap furniture. My problem is that if I only wanted ONE necklace there would be no problem - I just want examples of all the different shapes and colors, etc. I'm trying very hard to convert from being a collector to selector.
Oh man, you do not want to get me started. Now that I've run out of cash I'm just planning it out for the future.

End of the year:
Galatea freshwater diamond in a pearl dolphin pendant + ring - thank you Terry!

For 2008:

9-10 mm Freshadama necklaces, possibly matching bracelets but not likely earrings, in white, cotton candy pink and eggplant.

12-15 mm White and Golden South Sea pendants - I won't be able to afford or carry off full strands just yet, so pendants for the near future. I like Terry's starfish diamond/WSS pendant and one of the classic GSS from PP.

10-12 mm Tahitian strands - one of each - strands with multicolor and pewter/rose overtones.

I'm a bit torn about Akoyas. I would probably get a AAA 9-9.5 mm strand. Can't afford a Hanadama. Triple strands are nice but seem more appropriate for weddings/formal occasions, as are White South Sea strands. I wouldn't mind a full GSS strand with champagne/rose overtones. Nothing too big, 10-12 mm maximum.

Sea of Cortez and Kasumigaura are probably out of my reach for now. The former have the most mersmerizing iridiscence. Maybe just a bracelet.

And yes, of course, the exotic freshwaters. It never ends, does it?
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I'm after a multi-colored SS strand in baroque (Pearl Paradise is working on some for me to see - thank you Kirsten).

I'd love a purple strand of CFWP with oil on water orient like the lavendar baroques I bought from them only darker.

Whatever the next private offer of "exotic freshwaters" will be from P. Paradise will I'm sure be added to this list.
Hmmm. I know for sure I would like a freshadama strand ( or comparable). I go back and forth on which size and color though. I love the lavender, but there is also a beautiful kind of barely there peach that I love these days. I guess it could be described as baby peach with a glow.

Otherwise I lust after different types of pearls all the time. I especially find myself drawn to South Sea pearls right now and I'm also interested in all types of keshi pearls.