what type of pearls i have and what they arethey worth, and age if you can help


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Mar 21, 2012
hi got them about 3 weeks ago. i have run the pearls along my teeth and they are gritty so i take it that they are real ? as you can see in the pictures they are not all the same shape of finish.........would love to know what type of pearl they are... what the set could be worth, and in pos the age ..thanks :cool: Natural Pearl of Pinctada Maxima in my handNatural Pearl of  Tridacna Gigas's ScalopNatural Pearls of  Tridacna Gigas's Scalop
Most likely, those are rice pearls from the early years of freshwater pearl culturing- maybe the 80's or so. They are not worth a lot, but they are very pretty. Also they are not so common now that China has learned how to make rounder pearls grow. Hang on, they may be worth more for their novelty in a few more years.
Hi and thanks for the information the clap is only base metal and I was told they could date from about the 1960 could this be right, and what price would I get now
The images are very nice and the pearl necklace is elegant when worn. However, they appear to be rice pearls and not worth a lot today. If the clasp is not Karat Gold then i would suggest to wear them and enjoy them. Thanks
They do look like rice pearl. Wholesale prices is a few dollars for a set. There is a low demand for this type of pearl. Assuming the clasp is base metal.
"Rice Krispies" pearls-- I remember them in the 80s, and have some that I no longer wear. I agree that there is not much interest in these nowadays. Wear the pieces if you like them as they are, or take them apart and make something else you like with them.
Hi Vik
Is it the color that is enhanced on your lavender freshwaters or it it the photography that is enhanced? Either way, those don't look natural.
I guess I'm out of step, and I do love the gorgeous so-close-to-perfect pearls, but I still really like the early rice krispie pearls. I like the way they have tiny little twinkles.