What kind are they?


Jul 22, 2022
I’ve recieved two sets of pearls given to me by a long time friend.. one blue and one pink .. could anyone help me in identifying them please .. it would help me in understanding them better.
My first time posting , so once I hit return it posted and I wasn’t finish yet. I wanted to included a little bit about the background of these.. my friends mother got them as a gift from and elderly lady who past at the age of 98 recently and her son gave them to my friends mom along with other jewelry because she helped take care of the elderly woman. My friend came to me and asked if I wanted them because her mom nor her wear pearls nor really care for them .. so I took them along with some other pearls that were nice to look at but were fake .. these I know are not .. I just would like to know what kind they are and where they came from ( made ).
Hello @Ale and welcome to our pearl loving forum!

I could be wrong because I really need some better closeups of some pearls to obtain extra hints (and the size of the pearls would also help) but I believe these are Chinese freshwater pearls, both of them dyed.
But I am sure some of our other members will be happy to chime in with their own perspectives :)
They are both pretty! And I like the clasps...what metal are the clasps?
Thank you for your response.. I’ve attached a couple more pictures one is a close up of the pink ones but a close up of just a pearl where it looks like the hole is really big unlike the rest of the necklace .. I’m assuming u can tell by this if they are dyed. They both have silver clasps. They are very beautiful ⭐


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thank you .. that’s what I was thinking as well. I appreciate your response. 😊
Dyed...but as you say: Still lovely!
Very soft pretty colours, hope you wear them and enjoy them!