We love it but now what?


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Oct 19, 2019
I convinced my wife that it was a great price but now that it's here we are in a quandary about how and where to have it mounted' It's 11.2mm so I was thinking it could go on a leather or silk cord for EDW. Another thought is to create an enhancer that can go on either a cord or chain or even strands of Akoya's etc. I have seen so many variations that you all have created I am somewhat overwhelmed. Suggestions for vendors, someone to drill it etc would be VERY welcome as well!
The other issue I'm having is photographing it to present it accurately. I am using a small portable light box with white "squiggle" bulbs on either side and a fluorescent drop light on the top. Any suggestions for improvement are also welcome!


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It's gorgeous. I'd set it in a ring, because I'd want to look at it myself all day.
It's always a tough decision! A beauty like this could be put on a simple enhancer bail (no gemstones) or large open bail, could be worn long or short and even on a small pearl chain or leather cord. I also like the ring idea. Perhaps a more casual, versatile pendant will be a good fit for the jewelry wardrobe!