Want to start a natural pearl collection, also, pearl with shell display.


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Dec 28, 2017
Hello I would stard a natural pearl collection, more affordable pearl specimens, from bivalves ang gasteropods, either nice or ugly surface or color, like edible mussel or oyster.
I would prefer complete small pearls, button or round, but also weird shape could be interesting, especially if really typical from one or other specie (haliotis claw, or hammer oyster "tooth root")
I contacted Thepearlcollector because I saw several interesting specimens but waiting for a reply.
Maybe someone else can sell some, I don't know which sellers can offer natural pearls.
For now I made hunting and request from shell collectors or sellers and found several things, from central america, southest asia, and some probable basra, mounted on antique jewelry.
I would prefer raw pearl, not drilled or on lewelry, but a bargain jewelry can be interesting.

What would be much more difficult would be to make a pearl-shell display, because most of pearl shells seem to be restricted(?) or just, destroyed, or not sold as rough shells but polished.
It seems to be very difficult to find pteria sterna, penguin, and several well used pinctada species in good condition like the imbricata-radiata-fucata that would be same specie(?) with local variations
Is there a source to get them?
As example I saw damaged small pictada, or grinded rim pteria penguin, nothing complete or raw, same for haliotis, most of them are at least cleaned, very hard to find a raw specimen...it seems for cassis it will be easier because many specimens are already nice when found.
I think there are probably american based shell sellers, as most fo collectible shells seem to come from indonesia and indian ocean, if someone has references, I would be very happy.

Last I don't know if it's authorized, but if someone would have wild pearls for sale via PM, I would be happy.