Vintage pearl ring


May 7, 2016
I have this vintage pearl ring with an engraved band. The pearl has good luster overall but it has this flat spot near one of the prongs -the prong appears to have been intentionally shortened near the flat spot. I can't figure out if this is a damaged cultured and candidate for replacement (because the setting is otherwise nice) or whether this was a flaw that was originally on the pearl or what exactly. Any ideas?


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Please experts - come quickly!

I have a weakness - every time I see a particular shade of white and that kind of luster and density, and the frothy bit at the bottom, I think River Pearl and get all excited. That bit of iridescence knocks me out.

What a beautiful ring and pearl!
I don't know how I missed this post :banghead:
The ring's setting in itself is very interesting...looks like good workmanship!
The pearl is unique but I can't get more details from the I can't really judge that well :(
It could be just a baroque pearl or a pearl-blister...but I can't tell if it's a marine or freshwater pearl.
Would love to see more photos!
I tried to take more pictures the ring is a good quality engraved ring. I tried to show the flat spot near the one prong - luster from top is pretty good though


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Yes, an exquisite ring! Only lab testing would be able to identify with certainty whether saltwater/freshwater, cultured or natural. Is it marked 18K? I can't see the markings well. Seems to me the pearl must have been valued and perhaps rare to have been put in such a fine mounting. I wish I knew more about vintage pearls and jewelry.
If culltured pearls had been easily available at the time this ring was made, it seems like a more round and unblemished pearl would have been chosen, so I'm thinking it's more likely a natural pearl.
How big is the pearl? Looks like a 4-5 mm to me, but I could be wrong if gauging a wrong size to the ring.
6 mm...a good size for a natural pearl...but small for cultured (for today's standards, of course).
Would be great to have it analyzed. GIA would charge about $100 dollars (with shipping included) to do it...not that you NEED to do it, but if you ever consider selling it would be well worth it.
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Do you think it is still worth analysis even with the flat spot ?- the spot has less luster than the other parts of the pearl.

PS I originally asked about this ring because i think the setting is nice and was wondering whether to replace the pearl because of its flat spot ( if people thought it was a damaged akoya or culturedit probably would be candidate for replacement) but im thinking I should leave as is
It's normal for natural button pearls to have a flattish-lackluster spot. Now, maybe I can't see what you are this flat spot kind of like "cut away" or "sanded away"...if that is the case it could be you have a 3/4 pearl...or if it is a natural one it could be a Natural Pearl blister pearl (chicot).
I think it is pretty! I would leave it as is :)
Flat spot is not cut away per se its more like rubbed down - I have mabe pearl earrings so i don't think it seems like blister - at least not like modern blister. I don't know just that nacre seems very think because if it is original pearl to ring luster seems very bright compared to finger wear on engraving of back of ring setting. Anyway pearl is now deemed keeper to setting flat spot or not - thanks for all the info
I wonder if the ring was worn against another one for it to seem ‘rubbed away’ or worn down. I’ve seen many vintage pieces with whole settings worn away because their loving owners would wear them day and and day out against other pieces. It seems that might be why the claw/prong holding it is smaller as well?
Good observation Camhatch...and I agree with it! :You_Rock_Emoticon:
I agree with @Pattye!
It's part of the pearl's individual traits and what makes it unique!
We LOVE pearls here roxolania :)
Welcome to the family!
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