The Mystery/Invisible Clasp


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Jun 3, 2013
I have a love/hate relationship with the Mystery Clasp. It looks amazing, but getting that little cap back in the female end without it flying across the room for me is the worst task!
Does anyone have any handy “third-hand” tricks or good pearl type clamps to hold the pearl in place while I try in vain to push the spring back and put the little sucker in with my other two hands?
Thank you!


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I always wanted to try those clasps...specially the ones that have the magnetic attachment option, but no luck! Sorry, wish I had a trick to share here :(
Thanks Douglas. Yes they take a bit to get used to but look great! I’ve strung these ones up but sent them to the jeweller to put the tiny caps back in this time.
That’s interesting, When I was working on this style of clasp I started off on the female side and finished off on the male side of this clasp.
I never rushed these as I used 24 hour epoxy. I am right handed but my left hand plays an integral part in working with, as I call them fiddly
style clasps and most importantly finishing off. No extra clamps or tools.

All clasps that I work with I finish off where it actually opens. If the knot is done correctly it is the strongest part of the stringing ( I thank my Dad for that).