The Baroda Pearls

Here is another close picure, what a beauty !

Here is a transcript from CNN stating the Royal Family of Baroda is contesting the sale of the Baroda Pearls. Christie's isn't volunteering how they acquired the pearls, and the current owner is private. More pearl intrigue.

"New Delhi: It’s the ultimate double helix of royalty's DNA - two strings of 68 natural pearls each as big as a marble and considered to be the most beautiful in the world.

Created in 1850s for the Maharaja of Baroda, Khande Rao Gaekwad, his son gifted the royal necklace to his second wife. The marriage didn't last, but the pearls survived and were auctioned on Wednesday by Christie’s in New York for a $7.2 mn.

"It more than doubled the last world record price of $3.2 million (USD) for a natural pearl necklace. So we're absolutely thrilled." Says Head Of Jewelry at Christie's, Rahul Kadakia.

But the auction wasn’t without its share of controversies. How Christies managed to get the necklace is still a mystery.

Its ownership is being disputed by royal family of Baroda in Indian courts who are opposing it going under the hammer despite reports that the family tried to stop the auction.

And perhaps the biggest point of contention: A piece of Indian history is now owned by an anonymous phone bidder!"

Here's a video, although I don't know long the link will be active.
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"Honey, I try and I try, but I just can't pull off these jaunty little berets the way JFK, Jr. did."
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Nice one, Knotty.
And so early in the day, too.
Thank you, Sueki. :)
It is nice to see a man not afraid to wear strands of pearls. I wonder when they came up missing from the family jewels? How long would it tkae to come up with a strand like this, considering it is all natural.

First & foremost: Welcome!!!!!

Pearls are still considered a status symbol in some regions of the world today, especially for the male "elite". Depending on the culture & the man I do agree they are not for everybody. Just like diamonds are NOT every girls best friend. There is a recent trend & fashion interest of Pearls going mainstream for men. Not quite this ornate, Many of the designs are actually very masculine looking & quite nice! Several can be found on this forum!

But I am of the opinion there is something sexy about a man not afraid to wear pearls. To be fair the right pearl has to be matched with the right man.

Again. WELCOME!!!!!