Some guidance on purchasing a Tahitian necklace


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May 23, 2018
Hi I am in the process of buying a Tahitan necklace from a reputable on line Pearl source. I have narrowed my choice to about 4 strands. I am partial to green Tahitians .i am also tempted by a multicolor strand. Would the multicolor strand be more versatile? Would the green pearls limit me to my wardrobe.? I hope this question doesn't seem silly, but these several strands are all so beautiful, I can't decide. A lot of my indecision is because I'm not seeing them in person. Also I like larger Pearl strands 12mm for my white pearls. The multicolor is 8-10mm. The other greens are closer to 11.9mm. Any guidance from you Pearl experts would be greatly appreciated.
Personally I love multicolor strands, but a uniform color strand can look amazing, especially if the pearls are well matched.

Does the green strand have overtones, visible in diffuse light? Overtones add a secondary color. Do you wear a lot of clothes that would look good with that strand?

8-10mm is definitely on the smaller side. Smaller Tahitian pearls come from younger oysters and are often more colorful than large pearls, which come from a second harvest, from an older oyster. Old age isn't great for oysters, any more than it is for humans. :rolleyes:

This multicolor strand we got for my daughter (now worn by my husband) is 8-9.7mm-- it should give you an idea of how this size might look on your neck:


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PD, that's a beautiful strand!!!

Bcm, can you post pictures of the strands? Color is really a personal preference. What colors do you like to wear most often? How do those colors look on your skin? Tahitians are difficult to purchase because not only are they really beautiful and come in all different colors, they change colors and reflect light with their mirror finish. You will see different colors in the shade than you do in bright light. You can get a green strand with different color overtones. My first T strand was mostly blue because I like blue and wear lots of blue and purple hues. The pictures show how the same strand looks in different light.


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Count me in as a fan of the multicolor is more versatile. However, a uniform color strand is somewhat difficult to come by. If you do decide to go that way, please ask for multiple photos under different lighting conditions.
I have bought both types you mention from Pearl Source. I found I wore the multi color a lot more than the solid green strand. They are both beautiful though.
One thing you do want to check though, How many pearls on the strand are larger? I bought many strands there, and if you bought a 11-8mm strand, how many are 11, 10 and 9mm?
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I *adore* this strand, PD! I'm one of the weirdoes that actually really digs the smaller Tahitians - my ultimate wishlist piece is a rope of 7-8mm ones. I know getting them that small is tough though, since so many places do the larger kind... I also dig the teal and blues a whole lot more than some of the other colors, but the multicolored strands are just so out of this world.
jesskat, my husband loves it too! He only wears it in summer with open necklines, though...and he hasn't done so yet this year.
I think I'd better drag him out on a date soon so he can wear his pearls! ;)


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I agree with Pattye - impossible to stop with one.
A green Tah strand was my introduction to serious pearls. I sprang for it on impulse even though up to that point I never even imagined the term "pearl collection" might be a part if my existence. A multi strand came into my life as well, later.

I am no clothes horse but I find that now my clothing purchases tend to be evaluated in terms of what will look good with my pearls, rather than what pearls will look good with my clothes.

Bcm, I note that you said "a reputable online pearl source" (not Pearl Source - a known vendor to this forum). If it is indeed reputable, it should have an approval/return policy, so that you can make your final evaluation after seeing the pearls in person.

I am no clothes horse but I find that now my clothing purchases tend to be evaluated in terms of what will look good with my pearls, rather than what pearls will look good with my clothes.

Hahaha! So true. I check necklines and fussy patterns especially closely now.
Oh, yes ... all new clothes must look good with pearls ... changed my clothes buying habits completely!