sea of cortez and diamonds


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Oct 25, 2011
earrings anyone ?

quite stunning ! :cool:


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I like the pearls, but I'm not so keen on the design. It seems a bit fussy for my taste - the fancy gold bead / stud at the top, the twisted gold jump rings, the crystals - there's too much going on, when the focus should be on those lovely pearls.
I'm with you Amanda, "less is more". And also might be too heavy for a single earlob.
You reckon BV will like them ;)?

Since you are one of the resident 'experts' on PG (ownership brings about a certain cache IMO), you think this on ebay is also a SoC pearl? I've been looking and looking, it appears to be a 'blue' pearl.

Actaully I don't think BV would like them - they would be too much for her

I put these up because they were so 'out there' - and to cheer myself up having made the mistake of looking at the diamondforabuck website... had to find an antidote quick :eek:

will have to agree to disagree with ya'll about SoC and diamonds though - BV's SoCs have tiny diamonds set into the front of the leverback - they are very discrete, but they are there, and act like little stars to the beautiful moon of the pearl(s) - just a slight twinkle in the background to the great glow of the pearl(s)

am no expert I'm afraid, so am not sure about the 'blue' pearl - it says 'south sea' ?
if i was pushed or was thinking of buying it myself as SoC, then I would probably say not
This is terrible to say, but that is not my favorite design from Carolyn. I am used to Adeline's styles like that, but hers are much lighter in weight and more cheerful.They are like little flowers or even birdlike little stones to nest with the pearls. These earrings remind me of polyps. Nose polyps are bad enough,and I am thankfl I don't have them, but I don't care for pearl polyps.

Even though I can't wear complicated designs like Adeline's, as I am not the type, I am knocked out by her talent for assembling beautiful pieces. She is as good as a pro at it.

Also the ring. I think it is a south sea pearl because they are the ones to have the tacky diamonds added, When the Sea of Cortez pearls get designed with diamonds, they are much more classy-and unique like those pages from Trigem someone just showed somewhere. I can't refind the site or the link. Was it you, Alex?
Yes, have to confess it was ;)

here is one of them

it was in the 'engagement ring' thread


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Why is it a terrible thing to say, Caitlin? She has some wonderful designs, but you don't have to like all of them.
Uhh, thank you, Alex! I missed that Sea of Cortez link the first time around :) So beautiful!

- Karin
Those SofC rings are something else! Thanks for posting them again. I also somehow missed the posting!
Awww, Caitlin, THANK YOU for the shout out. One day, if I embark on the retail route, you might just find a little sumthin' in the mail :) Just posted another in Lowly Beaders; thanks anyway.

In C. Ehret's defence, I quite like the organic nature of the earrings. Keshis are always hard to put into earring designs given their irregular shape and size. The diamond rondelles give it more gleam in this design and of course the price does jump. For me, keshis work best if they are under 4mm (poppy seed variety) or above 15mm (keshi petals then for focals). More in Lowly Beaders.

As for the Trigem SoC rings, they always hit me somewhere in the diaphragm; (gasping) no oxygen, need some and make that more money as well to get me some!
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The Pearls are really nice! However seem like there is too much going on with the earrings. Very Unique through!
I love the use of the Cortez Keshi & Pearls, these are very nice earrings!...but I would remove the diamonds (overkill).
Are those Carrot's earrings? (Care Erhet's)

What do you mean the diamonds are overkill? The whole piece is overkill, but all in all, it is very fashionable. I would LOVE to see Adeline's version of the same thing.

If it were mine to design, I'da used rose gold and maybe aquamarine and amethyst and something pink. I'd copy Adeline lavishly. Maybe even ask her to put together one of her kits for the gems..... and I would sprinkle the gems throughout the pearls.

Meanwhile I hope someone buys those and wears them! Nose polyps or not.

I just found my first post- they are Care's, sorry. The whole point to this style is overkill, right?
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