Quahog pearl


May 4, 2021
Hello I've had this pearl since the 90s when my grandmother found it while cleaning quahogs for chowder. I'm not sure if it's worth a lot and would like to know a ballpark number on it if this community is familiar. I am wanting to ultimately sell it and give the proceeds to my grandmother who is having a rough time financially after her husband passed away. I live in Ohio currently and cannot find a reputable source for valuation. The pearl is darker purple but with a lighter lavender glow if that makes sense. It's very hard to take macro shots with my cell phone and hard to show the true color. I put the dime in for perspective. It's the shape of a skittle with one side being a little rounder and more eye pleasing and the other side being a little flat with a small divot (button type?) If you would like any more pictures please just let me know. Thank you for checking out my first post here.


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Hello FisherMann87 and welcome to our pearl loving forum!
Seems like you have a very dark and lustrous, button shaped Quahog pearl there...I really don't know how much it would be worth because I'm no expert in Quahog pearls.
BUT I have a friend who is quite a connoisseur...contact Brendan Breer. This is his website.

Also, please check out this thread with more details about Quahog pearls.

Hope this is helpful and that you get a good price for the pearl :)