Pearls 101


Mar 10, 2023
Hi! I’d love to start working in pearls with my knotted gemstone necklaces. Where do I start learning about searching, buying, etc? I understand the basics of discerning between real and synthetic but would love some more advice or pointers on finding some great Pearl beads to start with!
It's going to start with knowing pearls! If you have any gem shows in your area, they can be a great place to meet dealers and start to learn about the different types and qualities.

For a thorough pearl overview, enroll at Pearls As One. Use this discount code when enrolling and you'll get free access to the course - TAHITIFREE

Our forum admin Douglas is the instructor of the English and Spanish versions of the course.
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You will find our forum is just CHOCK-FULL of information on EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about pearls.
@jshepherd mentioned the Pearls as One course and it is a great way to START!
Knowledge is the cornerstone to a pearlful life!