Pearl Boys


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Sep 15, 2015
I just saw these three whimsical carved pearls on my Pinterest feed. The carving is so detailed, I was intrigued. There was not much information on the artist's site about the pearls.


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The Humpty-Dumpty head on the left is my favorite. I think the bottom one is the man in the moon, and I'm not sure about the guy on the upper right.
I love them. I suspect they were already mostly the right shape and just needed a little coaxing to bring out the faces.
They remind me of those 80's cabbage patch kids : -)
Amazing!!! I've never seen pearls carved quite like that.
Wow!. They actually look really cute!
Like little babies
I finally showed these to my friend that loves and collects those vintage CPK dolls. Of course she is now obsessed over the idea of these Pearl Boys. To somewhat quote her: "Imagine a whole necklace of these little faces and the diversity in each pearl boy's face".

Each pearl is so individual just like a person, all its own characteristics.

I kinda want to put feather pearl wings on them.
Unfortunately, this pearl carving by the same artist isn't so cute


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Oh that's completely different but a fantastic design too. Very talented
I've seen the little pearl skulls for a long time now, the "Pearl Boys" as you call them are new, I don't think I've ever seen them.
(I confess I do like the skulls though...but I like bats and snakes too so there is that)

Unfortunately, this pearl carving by the same artist isn't so cute