Online pearls Hanamada


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Dec 11, 2022
Looking at a variety of sites, focused on quality as primary, sacrifice some size. Yes, online so my next question is a tough one… How do I compare quality amongst the sites of the Hanamada pearls?

I see terms like natural (not treated), top range , etc. any reliable way to tell? Prices seem rather different for what on paper seems the same.

Any guidance on how to compare?
Well, the idea behind Hanadama is that ALL Hanadama should be the same, since it's not the vendor that is giving this "branding" or "grade" but the Japanese Pearl Lab. Thus...all Hanadama should be the same anywhere.

What will change is the PRICING, and you can choose the vendor with the best pricing, considering that quality is the same.
Pearls being pearls there will be some variation in quality. There will be very good hanadama -top of the quality band, and also those at the bottom, the just scraped in strands.
Plus some sellers will have amazing akoya pearls which they haven't sent out for appraisal.
Think about what is most important to you - size, perfect roundness, colour (pinked or not) completely flawless. Sellers should be happy to chat to see if they can supply pearls to fit your specification. If not..why not?
You're right. There are ALWAYS variations in quality, even amongst Hanadama. Jeremy could add his own knowledge...he deals in Hanadama.
You could ask for photos of several strands and choose the one you like best.
Take into consideration return policies also.

I don't own any Hanadama pearls but have read great things about the unpinked "natural white" ones sold by Pearl Paradise.
This is something truly extraordinary @pattye
I saw Jeremy when he was testing the system, and the use of high-quality cameras and "on skin" demoing truly makes this a great way to compare!