Help with Mikimoto Clasp & Pearl ID


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Sep 29, 2022

Warm greetings from a New Member here!

I’m hoping to get some help from you on identifying my Mikimoto pearl necklace. I came to own this particular necklace second hand, and while it did come with paperwork, I’ve moved since then and lived out of the country for some of that time, and long story short…I can’t find the file that I kept all of my valuables documentation in (I do have the valuables themselves though LOL).

My question comes now as I’m considering selling this necklace and I want to make sure I’m describing it accurately and asking a fair price. I’m not asking for an estimate here - but rather some guidance on what I have. This clasp Seems to be used for Mikimoto’s South Sea Pearls, but mine are only 8.5 to 9 mm is size. They’re a nice creamy color but they aren’t super high luster or what I would consider gem quality. Any idea what they could be? Did Mikimoto use this clasp for other types of pearls?

Any information you can offer would be so appreciated. Thank you!!
I looked through photos in the Mikimoto book, Pearl Necklace, as I remembered seeing this clasp, but it was only in 2 photos and both were SSP necklaces.

I suggest also posting this on Pricescope's pearl forum as one of the members there, yssie, seems to be quite familiar with Mikimoto.
And of course you can contact Mikimoto and ask.
It's a beautiful necklace and the clasp is gorgeous too. Congratulations.
Regarding Mikimoto History: There are differing accounts of the years in history sites (see below), but the clasp is a limited anniversary release. When checking the main Mikimoto site, 1893 is the year that is listed "Since 1893".
On July 11, 1893, Mikimoto’s wife brought up a basket of oysters from the sea for inspection, which revealed a semi-spherical cultured pearl as worthy as a natural pearl. Three years later, in 1896, Mikimoto was granted his first patent for cultured pearls.
Mikimoto pearls are the highest grade of cultured pearls available. Mikimoto pearls were first created by Kokichi Mikimoto in 1893 after years of painstaking research and trials using an implanted core to Akoya oyster shells. The oysters built up layers of nacre creating cultured pearls more quickly than a natural pearl would grow. The same process is still used today by Mikimoto.
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The pearls are DEFINITELY NOT from 1893! Mine look very shiny and new. I'm guessing they were a 1993-100th Anniversary Release. I am reaching out to Mikimoto to see if they know what year this clasp was released, and for how long (or how many strands were released).
Based on your photos, your pearls need to be restrung, and possibly cleaned. They were loved and worn by the previous owner. I also learned that it is BEST to have any Mikimoto pearls restrung through Mikimoto, and not a traditional jewelry store that does restringing. Apparently how Mikimoto pearls are strung affects the overall value of the strand.