Ombre triple-strand baroque necklace


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Jun 22, 2013
I'm particularly proud of this piece :) I sorted through several multicolored strands to get three ombre strands to make into this necklace - I do plan to restring it, though, as the center pairs don't quite line up exactly and I find that distracting, so I'm going to string them all going in the same direction for flow. The light today isn't great, so the deep plum tones in the center pearls aren't all that evident. But they're gorgeous :)

Thanks for looking!

You've been knotting up a storm! Great work :)
Beautiful. This necklace must make some entrance.
Thanks, ladies! It was a lot of fun to make it. I'll post new pics once I get a chance to restring it.
Thanks, ladies! Wendy, it'll be up for sale at some point, but for now I just like staring at it and petting it LOL.
BTW the pearls are from Harmony Pearls :)

Edited to correct the source - these are from the lovely Amrita!
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I'm super slow, but I finally restrung this piece and I love it even more. It's going up in my shop shortly... neck shots coming soon, I'm a hot mess today and not photo-ready, haha.