Help please, thread strength for rosebud necklace

I buy 0.8mm vermeil and sterling silver gimp from That might fit.

Alternatively you could use a wire cutter to cut the soldered ring off the clasp, and replace it with an open jump ring.

You could also skip the gimp entirely and string the thread right onto the soldered ring. The gimp provides a nice professional-looking touch and protects the thread, but it is not absolutely necessary, particularly if you use a strong synthetic thread like Serafil or Beaders Secret instead of silk. Also you will likely want to restring the necklace periodically anyway, every year or two at least. The thread will not have gotten very worn by then.
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I would leave the rings and use them. Try very gently squishing the end of the gimp so that it can pass through the ring. Alternatively, the gimp may compress enough once the thread is knotted to slip through the ring. I find that they help add a tad bit of length to help grasp the clasp when putting on/taking off.
Another solution is to use a different clasp, and save that one for a future necklace strung on beading wire, which will pass through the little soldered ring easily.
I had the same problem with a strand I just finished. Over time, I don't know how successful my fix will be, but I cut two little pieces of gimp and strung them gimp, ring, gimp and snugged them together. Hopefully, snugging them tightly together will protect the Beaders Secret as if it was one piece of gimp.
If I could suggest that you buy the pack with the different size gimp, I'm sure you'd find it useful. I think it is from .6 to .9 . Each size is in about a 4 in length so it's enough to get you started and see what you need. Patty sells lots of gimp in various colours as well.

You just need to collect a few things that might come in handy. A selection of jump rings in different sizes (very inexpensive ) dont buy silver plate, buy sterling. Or Gold filled. Good round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, needle nose pliers. wire cutters etc. That's plenty to get you started. A few round silver beads in different sizes is a good thing to have on hand as well... maybe 4mm 5mm 6mm . They can be useful to add a bit of length if you need it or just to add some bling.

PD is right, the fastest thing might be to buy another clasp. But it's worth getting some of the items I mentioned.
I also bought different sizes of gimp from Fire Mountain Gems. The small size comes in handy every now and then. So do the larger sizes. Since a small packet lasts forever, I just bought gold and silver all in different sizes, and now I always have it on hand. I also bought gimp from Pattye, so I probably have a lifetime supply now.
If a necklace is heavy, and I have used wire and clamshell bead tips, I attach two jump rings side by side. Nothing will budge that and it looks more like a design element. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with all clasps.

It's nice to see that there are more options for crimps/covers! :)
Thank you all for your replies! I think you all are right, I need more sizes of french wire. I'll stock up this week, and see if I can get a smaller size to fit through the ring. I tried squishing the french wire, JerseyPearl, and it ALMOST fit through. If not, I know I'll probably need a different clasp for this necklace. I know I could take the ring off, but I think the clasp would really work great for a wire strung necklace.

That's a cool idea with the gimp, Parrot Lady! It took me a minute to picture in my head what you did, good thinking. I'm going to start stocking up on all those little supplies, Katbran. This seems like a hobby I won't be dropping anytime soon, so I need to get a respectable assortment of supplies. I'm off to shop Rio and FM, I'll post later if I ever get this finished!
Thanks everyone for all of the information, I finally got the necklace finished. The smallest gimp at Rio turned out to work. I also scrutinized the moonstone beads a little more, and took out ones with rough drill holes. The ones left in were fatter and more rounded, and were no problem to string. Next up is practicing finishing a necklace on wire, then learning how to wire wrap pearls!