Need help with name and value please


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Aug 14, 2015
hi I Have had these for about 15 years ,I got them in a trade with my aunt
Feel gritty on the teeth
Both have cursive H and 14k the number 1s on both are wearing down more on the yellow gold
White gold has 4 diamonds that tested positive
White gold measures 3cm and yellow 2cm
Look to be in good condition
Any info would be greatly appreciated thanks in advance


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Great photos, particularly of the clasps. It's interesting that the smaller pearls only have knots near the clasp. That is unusual in a uniformly sized strand, as opposed to an older graduated akoya strand. When you say 3cm and 2cm, you must mean the clasps, right? What size are the pearls?
What pretty clasps and necklaces. That looks like the Honora logo to me. Honora has been selling pearls for decades. The reason the 1 has worn off is that it probably rubs where the tongue slides into the clasp. Thank you for sharing and the excellent photos.
Hello Pearl Lovers!
I am a relative novice in the pearl game.. I Have an estate clean out company and I came across this pretty pearl bracelet.. I believe it may be from Honora, based on my research. I was curious if you all may know for sure and if so what might the approx. value and type of pearls? Also, what is the best forum to sell in your experience? I have included pictures and please let me know if you need more or other angles.
Thank you all so much for any info you may be willing to impart to me.


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Hello Amber4844 and welcome to our pearl loving forum!
Those pearls definitively look like Japanese Akoya. Let's see what our other forum members think of your bracelet!
Honora pearls are usually freshwater pearls. Honora jewelry is usually more fashion oriented and not that expensive. Pieces with diamonds or Ming pearls will be expensive, but not other pieces. If the clasp is 14K gold, then the clasp is probably the most expensive part of the bracelet. The bracelet may have been less than $200 brand new, and unfortunately, pearls do not hold their value, so it will be worth a lot less as a used piece of jewelry.

Diamond Bistro and Ruby Lane are both websites to sell jewelry. Honora necklaces on Ruby Lane are being offered for around $100 and bracelets for around $50. I'd say, wear it and enjoy it instead.
Excellent advice Bweaves! :You_Rock_Emoticon:
Thank you Bweaves and all for your knowledge. I think I will probably just keep it.
Amber4844's bracelet looks like Akoya to me, too. Honora company has been around since 1946, so this bracelet could pre-date their current offerings of freshwater, dyed pearls.
Totally agree with you. What Honora may be offering today can be different from what they used to have back in the 1900s.