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Aug 11, 2020
Hello everyone,

I'm back with another question.
What kind of pearls are those.
The seller says it is a tahitian necklace. The clasp is made of 18k gold and have a brand mark.
Do you agree it is a tahitian necklace? From what I've learned so far from you all it could be freshwater more probably.
The size as the seller says is around 10mm each.

Thank you,



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Thank you. It is amazing to me how trained your eyes are. By pictures I can't tell the difference of anything haha. For example this other necklace I asked before buying some time ago you told me are tahitians and they look very similar to me in photos. Of course mine looks nicer, rounder, and with more shine, and multi colored but to tell from dyed to natural color is amazing. I was sure I've found another, but with only one color.


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The way the stamp on the 18ct is slapped on all askew is another indicator of questionability. Any 18ct clasp is expensive. A maker will stamp it neatly.
The shape is always a good indicator, but the color is what makes it definitive. The first black strand has the classic dyed-black freshwater coloration. When looking at them side-by-side, it's usually quite apparent.

This first image attached below is a dyed black freshwater. The second a natural-color Tahitian.

Dyed Black Freshwater.png

Natural color Tahitian.png