Baroque necklace

Hello everyone. Hope you've had great holidays and wish a great 2024 to all.
I've got the necklace we discussed previously. The pearls are much smaller than I thought, 7.4mm and I'm not sure if they are tahitian or maybe freshwater. I'm guessing freshwater because of the size, but my other necklace is also small and I consider the pearls to be tahitian. What do you think? I've put the tahitian, the akoya and the new necklace together for a better comparison. Hope anyone may give me an opinion. Thank you.
I was referring to the "middle" pearls in this first image...those appear multi colored.
Your mother's Tahitians look very similar to a strand my mother had too. Lovely relatively uniform gray/blue/silver color. My sister got those as I have so many pearls of my own.

The clasp is nice but I would wear this one in the back. I only wear really decorative or "bling-y" clasps in the front, or on the side; and I do have several really nice clasps! Sometimes side is better because it keeps the clasp from rolling, like it oftentimes does when you wear it in the middle in front.

Nice strands.
So I asked my mother to try both options, front pendant and side. I wasn't sure but I really liked the side version better. Looks very elegant for me. What do you think? Funny side note, she wasn't very happy when I told her the pics were to a internet forum, lol.


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