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My Pearls 2.0

Thank you eolian pearls. I feel better than expected, just some sore muscles. Not as bad as last time. I did make an all cherry peacock strand yesterday. I had som extra in another strand so I made it a little bit longer. It's very colorful. Hopefully I can take some photos next week or so. I also remade the Snowdrifts strand as well, I exchanged the white edisons for white south sea pearls, added some more blue pearls and made it a bit shorter. Much better. I am trying something else for those white edisons. I don't want to use it as an all white strand, I wouldn't use it. However pretty I haven't found any pearls that can rival my white south sea strand from Cees. Not even other south sea pearls or akoyas.
These is something special about deep golden south sea pearls and the not so brightly colored edisons. They look so good together. I often combine this deep golden south sea bracelet (I have exchanged some of the pearls for even deeper golden south sea pearls from my latest shipment from Druzydesign) and my Sunrise and Sunset with a green flash bracelet.
_20220101_140935.JPG _20220101_140958.JPG _20220101_141127.JPG _20220101_141038.JPG I remake this one every time I get new goldens...
_20220101_140902.JPG _20220101_140758.JPG It's pretty already then I got some even prettier pearls... Found some more photos of the combination
_20220101_140640.JPG The Sunrise and Sunset with a green flash bracelet might just be my favorite bracelet ever. And it sort of made itself when I was playing with some leftover pearls....
_20211120_165736.JPG My precious....


Oh wow, Charlotta, the Sunrise and Sunset with a green flash bracelet really is spectacular! Look at those colors and that luster :love:
Thank you SurfnSci. Maybe that's why that bracelet is my favorite. Funny thing is the pearls were leftover and looked kind of boring whilst in a bowl. But when I ombred them they really became quite special. The same happened to a pondslime ripple freshwater pearl that I didn't like. I put it in one of my Happy bracelets and now I think that it's rather pretty. Funny that. That doesn't always happens though. I remade a bracelet yesterday that I recently made and haven't photographed yet, it was sort of rainbow arrenged, pretty but needed something. Whilst I rearranged them I removed the tahitians (except for one) and akoyas, kept only the golden south seas and the edisons and the one pale goldeny green tahitian. And it's really pretty now. Nowadays I am picky and wants a piece to truly make me happy in order to escape the dreaded scissors...
I have been at home this week with a cold I thought, turned out to be the dreaded plageue. Funny thing is I'm almost fully recovered and them I got my test results today. Very mild version probably because of my three vaccine doses. I have been well enough to rearrange my pearls, except for sunday and monday were I was feeling kind of sick. Dreaded scissors have been hard at it. Well at least until it darkens at 4 pm. I wasn't pleased with the green tahitians or the two purple edisons in my Hearts Delight strand. Since I did cut apart some other strands last week (or the week before that) I did have some nice circled dark green tahitian without to much peacock in them. So I exchanged those added some other favorite pearls at hand and rearranged the edisons twice. Previous I went from white to peach and now it's white to purple. I also added a bigger blue tahitian and a bigger dark green one so that most color sections have a bigger pearls as centerpiece when I change how I want to wear it. Fear not it looks like before only with prettier pearls and a wee bit longer as well. It's about 33,5 inches long now, still endless.
Then I looked at my Sunrise Clouds strand. I wanted to exchange some bumpy pearls for smoother ones as well. I had some nice from my latest order from Druzydesign. I reknotted it last night and now I see that there is two pearls that needs to change place with each other. Good thing that I have all this time, since I cannot go anywhere until monday if I am totally fine this weekend. Not that I needs to go anywhere...


PG Forum Admin
Wishing you a full recovery over the weekend Charlotta!
I loved the Sunrise necklace. I believe it is my all-time favorite of all others you have been able to artfully concoct!
Thank you CortezPearls. I feel fine, some remaining headache and tiredness occationally but other than that perfectly healthy. Except for my age and asthma, but hey I can still outwalk the those 20-30 years old young er than me. And have better stamina...
Not-husbands granddaughter, she's almost 4, did recently tell us how come her grandfather and grandmother are really old. They walk really slow and she even demonstrated with slightly bent back and everything, clearly they are ancient. Then Not-husband asked if I also was old and she says no, Charlotta walks really really fast. Too funny.
Hopefully you will still like the Sunrise Clouds strand CortezPearls since I moved some pearls around and removed the really metallic coppery edison that was a bit bumpy. Don't mind bumpiness really but in this case the bumpiness drew attention, since the other pearls are so unbumpy. I did have a bunch of bumpy pearls, really metallic as well, that I used in my two new bracelets, the Green Fairy and the Leprechaun gold one.
Currently I am trying to find a home for those white edisons, some less than before since I used a few, maybe 2 in my Delights strands. I have to add some other pearls for lenght. So far I tried blue, peacock green and to mix in colorful edisons. Some day I get there. Maybe an ombre with a darker center. Don't know if I have the pearls though. I also have my rippled south sea pearls from Pearlescence at my beading boards, they were bracelets. I am thinking about remaking it into a rope once more. But should I add some color or not. I did a layout with some deep golden circled south sea pearls, about 5 of them. The pale golden ripples looks great with green as well, but a lot of contrast. The deep golden pearls looks more harmonious.
Since I have been home this week I have also sorted some of my pearls colorwise, the blues, greens and purple ones at least. Easier to find. I did have some small cardboard boxes in those colors that I have gotten pearls and jadeit in.
Some photos that I haven't shared of my Secret Forest strand and in one of them my Forest Mist bracelet. Love these colors. The pearls are mostly from Pearlescence and Cees with a few from Druzydesign. Who knew the green in the tahitians got enhanced by silver and grey tahitians? Well maybe lots of people, it was however new to me...
_20220101_151129.JPG _20220101_150804.JPG _20220101_150725.JPG _20220101_150606.JPG _20220101_150533.JPG _20220101_150637.JPG They have such a great luster.


These are so beautiful!!! I especially love the various green tones. I'm definitely getting mist and forest vibes.

(And I'm hoping you'll make that icy blue akoya bracelet next ;))
Two bracelets that I made before thinking about making an akoya one. Maybe some blue tahitians with the akoyas.
Green Rose
_20220116_160247.JPG Blue Peony
_20220116_155903.JPG The white edisons are from PearlRoadYW and tahitians from cmw pearls and Druzydesign
_20220116_160142.JPG _20220116_160115.JPG very pretty those white edisons, the pink overtone does not look like snow....they work great as bracelets though


PG Forum Admin
Great luster indeed! I agree with SurfnSci I get these northern forest vibes to it as well...the greens and grays work on several levels!
Wow Charlotta I am not a green pearls person but YOUR greens with those silver greys look AMAZING!!! I get a wonderful “grounding” feel on these, the forest trees, the earth, fresh moss...Amazingly put together, you are SO GOOD with this!
Thank you CortezPearls and eolian pearls. That green and silver tahitian strand is among my favorites. So many green shades. It reminds me not only of the forest but also when we go out on the boat in the tiny canals or whatever they are called around some Islands. The moss and the green evergreens and the leaves makes even the water green in lots of different shades. Especially if it's near dusk or at least not all sunny.
As you might remember, but I don't blame you if you don't, I remade my Ice strand, remade it again and renamed it as well. Added white edisons with the wrong overtones for snow, removed the edisons and added white south sea pearls along with blue and silvery blue tahitians. I call this one Snowdrift. I got the inspiration for the name after we had some kind of snow storm and quite a lot of wind. Even though they did clear the roads, the wind created some rather big snowdrifts that I had to drive through to get to work. I had my off road car for that. I am drivning Not-husbands car now since he needs to check out a wierd noice on mine. Hopefully no more snowdrifts since his car is lowered. Why I ask, why would one do that. That's not practical. The radio is working however... Anyway my Snowdrift strand
Click image for larger version  Name:	_20220116_161535.JPG Views:	0 Size:	156.7 KB ID:	459337 Click image for larger version  Name:	_20220116_161637.JPG Views:	0 Size:	146.8 KB ID:	459338 Click image for larger version  Name:	_20220116_161709.JPG Views:	0 Size:	137.1 KB ID:	459339 Click image for larger version  Name:	_20220116_161709.JPG Views:	0 Size:	137.1 KB ID:	459339 The pearls are mostly from Druzydesign, Pearlescence and cmw pearls. I like this one, it's not even a little custardy.
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I got such a fun idea last night, but then it was so late and dark that I will try to make a layout today. I don't really need another Delight strand as I have two and two bracelets as well. I love the layout however, being ombre but not always in true rainbow order. I also recieved my latest order from Druzydesign, from a month ago, with some edisons. I think that I will try to make a wirewrapped endless strand/rope Delight style. I often don't wirewrap because I strain my eyes. Well I just have to wirewrap in shorter period I think. I also recieved some more silver wire and such ordered a month ago. It's a swedish online shop that I think mainly sells to "real" silversmiths. The shipping takes forever and they are sometimes quite rude if you get an answer to your e-mail. I have to find another supplier I think...they didn't even answer my latest mail about the cost of a gold finding. They don't have the prices of their gold findings online. If you want to order you have to mail them or phone I guess. You cannot even add them to your cart. Stupid company. The thing with european findings company is that they cannot by law have nickel in their findings.
It's my day of and I should be cleaning the house but I am going to make my pearly outlay whilst its light...
I forgot that I haven't shown you the remakes of my Hearts Delight strand. I didn't like the green section all that much so I exchanged some pearls and added some. I didn't like the two purple edisons so I exchanged them as well. Added some other pearls and rearranged the order of the edisons. This added a bit of lenght so it's now 33,5 inches. I am totally smitten with this one.
​ Each color section has it's own focal pearl except for the edisons. They are mostly all focal points. Sometimes I can hardly believe that I have all these lovely quirky colorful pearls.
_20220116_173752.JPG ​​​​​​​I finished the layout for the wirewrapped Delight strand/rope. I even started wirewrapping, 6 pearls are done. Taking a break. It's going to be a long rope I think. I have added a chain in between, with 3 what's it called? Loops, rings? Maybe I should use just one whatever it's called. With 3 it's about an inch between those rather big edisons that I started with. With the smaller pearls it will be less. I always, nowadays at least add at least one ring? of chain. I find that if I add the wirewrapped pearls to another wirewrapped pearls with nothing on between it tangles easier.


PG Forum Admin
Wow Charlotta! To my heart's delight I can say that I am delighted with yours!
I think you nailed it. The color flow is good, the focal points feel totally "in place"...I love it!
Oh Charlotta more pics of the Hearts Delight please!!!! It’s absolutely amazing, all the pearls have incredible colors and luster, so so beautiful!

And I have to say I love your idea of a wire wrapped delight! IIn my mind it looks like one of those amazing Kojima pieces, I think there was one new published on Insta one of these days. I love the wire wrapped necklaces they look less formal and lighter, the few I have I use more often than my full pearl necklaces ( those I use for adoring pearl gazing everyday though...)