My 31 In Vintage 7mm strand


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Jun 12, 2017
Thinking of letting it go as its just not the white silver I like. Not the best color or luster...but still nice & long

Wonder how other people feel about the older pearls?

I'm pretty sure this is pre 1980's which still makes it about 40 years old

How much should I ask for it?

100 pearls 6.8 to 7mm wth 14K gold clasp? $1 a pearl?


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If you've got an ebay account with good feedback, I'd take a few more brighter pictures and auction it.
Those are the best pictures I really have. It is listed & I think I listed it too low with Best Offer that sometimes & I'm not sure why ebay throw in without asking...

I checked ebay for long 7mm decent strands & they are not to be founf least near the $100 range. I may end the aucttion & decline the $100 offer as I'll get less than $90 after fees. I just want someone to enjoy it & I get messages like is it AAA top grade as I only want the best!
I told them its not the best grade & they should look elsewhere as I don't want aanyone to be disappointed.

Its like buying a Hyundai when you really want a BMW...I like to get bargains too but if it was Mikimoto quality it would be closer to $1000 not $100.

I'm not sure if I should talk about listing here but I don't know what to do about that low offer.

Actually they are really decent pearls but they will not thrill you if you want glorious mirror like luster & they are old.

If you want to check the listing I can post a link but I am not sure if thats against forum policy so if it is I will remove it.

It can be looked up under 31 inch 7 mm pearl strand...there is not that many....
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I think the link is not allowed. And, its just a suggestion, you might want to just keep to one thread with the various posts about the pearls you are finding rather than start a new thread each time. We can't really advise on selling prices for your pearls - but are happy to comment on things you are thinking of buying. It's good of you to warn people off who want high grade pearls, shows integrity :)
Impossiblee to take pictures. <ust have taken 100 or them...nada...
Just can't seem to capture their pearly glow...


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I would as its a nice opera length & inexpensive decent ones are not easy to find but color just washes out on me. The creamy rose seems to get lost in my beige skin.

Too late it sold for $129.95 so I'll get about $115 for it.

Think the price was low but I hope the new owner appreciates it.

Love the pearl size & length & will likely never find a silver white in that size & length that is affordable.

I just don't wear pearl strands as its frequently hot here & my skin seems to leave waxy oil traces on them which I hate cleaning.

I'd rather put this $ toward a nice pair of earrings & I have a nice Mikimoto strand & a platinum clasp strand of almost 22 inch.
Well its got a new home in Tennessee & new owner is happy so I am happy!!! It was a classic