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Fake Mikimoto Strands... Just another reason not to buy from Chinese Sellers on Ebay


Well-known member
May 26, 2014
There are quite a few fake Mikimoto strands being sold by Chinese sellers. They don't mention anything about the brand but it is pretty obvious they are selling counterfeits with that swirly ribbon clasp. Please don't fall for their scam. There are several different sellers (who are most likely the same company but using different names) with the same pictures... some clasps are said to be yellow gold, others are said to be white gold, but we all know the truth. Mikimoto does not make this clasp in 14k gold, and most of the gold from Chinese ebay sellers will not pass the acid test.



Well-known member
Jul 27, 2014
Just saw their "Double strands AAA 10-11mm natural south sea gold pearl Necklaces 14k 18‘ 19'" for 39.99.... cheap dyed freshwater - outrageous!