Mandy's Pearls

Wow! Talk about a major thread resurrection! ;)

I've come back everybody, it's good to say hello again and see that some of the regulars are still around (which is kinda crazy to think about since the last time I was here I was still living in Colorado!).

In any case I've a new goodie to post in my collection! These days I don't go after pearls much anymore but my parents went on a trip across parts of Asia last year and one of their stops was in Vietnam where they visiting a pearl farm and even went on a tour. This was kinda unreal as I thought that they had no real care for such things but hey, live and learn! :D

Since they went to this little excursion they even brought something back for me: a pearl pendant! Although IMHO some of the stuff on the 'info card' is very misleading, I didn't have the heart to tell them about it. But I'll let the photos do the talking.

Old freshwater pearls 1
Old freshwater pearls 2

The pearl itself is clearly freshwater to me; I am not convinced at all that this is a 'South Sea' pearl. It appears pretty clean from surface blemishes and the luster is very pretty but nothing 'wowie!' about it. It's a very soft, feminine pink color which is I think my favorite thing about this pearl. It's a thoughtful gift nonetheless :)


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Who knew the parents would go to a pearl farm? I love the drop, regardless of its origin. Nice to hear from you again. :)