Looking for a pearl farm in China who also make Pearl Jewelries


Oct 28, 2021
Hi pearl lovers! I‘m about to start my Pearl business online and I am looking for a reliable pearl farm supplier. Anyone knows? I tried Alibaba but could not really trust the sellers . Would love if I can buy directly from a pearl farm . Thank you
If you're starting out, you're looking for a pearl wholesale supplier, not a farmer. The pearls need to be processed (treated, sorted, drilled, matched, etc). Unless you have the ability to process the pearls yourself, the "hama-age," as it's called, isn't something you'll be able to work with.

There are a lot of wholesale dealers that advertise on Alibaba, but I'd recommend starting out in person. The lion share of pearl dealers in the US source from just a few pearl importing companies. Dealers visit them at trade shows in Tucson (coming up), Las Vegas and New York.

There are also international trade shows like the main Hong Kong gem show where you can meet pearl producers and processors from all over the world. As a dealer, you need to have economy of scale to source pearls in a meaningful way at these shows.
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Please give us more details about your business plans. Do you plan to make the pearl jewelry yourself? Would you prefer to purchase finished pearl jewelry items? Or do you want to sell unfinished pearl strands and loose pearls? Or something else?

As Jeremy says, you will be more successful shopping in person and be able to source better quality pearls.
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