Little H Tahitian Geodes

Thanks, all! And mostly thanks to Hisano for designing amazing jewelry and for going out of her way to get me her biggest pair of geode studs. Mind blown by all of it. Now I need to have these, but I'm restraining myself:

I've been ogling those earrings for a long time, too. I was hoping to see them in person at Ruckus. Nobody is allowed to buy them before then (unless you're bringing them to Ruckus).
Enjoy every second of wearing them...
A dazzling set! Wear them in good health and happiness!

Yes, those green babies are mighty tempting!!!
Very pretty ! I like the larger size . Enjoy !

Those are so beautiful! I have a question. Is the edge that is visible ouTside of the diamonds really solid black like that or do you see striations. I always thought you would see see tiny ridges if a pearl was cut in half. Pretty cool!