Jumbo Tahitian Pendant & PP Sale Strand


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Jan 30, 2014
I've received a few very special pieces recently and I'd like to share two of them here (others will be posted as I can).

First, Chenai at PP (love her!) made a 26" strand of multi-color Tahitians for me and it is fantastic! When I received it I studied each pearl and fell in love with all of them and I have some featured with close-ups.

Second is a 23 x 19 mm Tahitian pendant that is truly amazing. I've paired these together in some of the photos in sunshine and shade.


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Pkinnew, more (of your) pearls to add on my list!?!? You have to stop it! ;) You have the most wonderful collection and I adore it.
I echo GemGeek's sentiment...drool, indeed!!! How did that monster drop escape me?!? Exquisite.
Not much escapes you Sherri. :-D
I think that drop may be from Pearl_society, an ebay seller. He has some nice pearls, and some good deals too.
Is the setting for the drop an enhancer? It is so balanced and graceful..
I really like the 22' length; looks great on you too! And don't even get me started on that monster drop! WOW!
Both lovely pieces, thanks for sharing.

DK :)
Baroque pearls always extraordinary! Most of all I prefer good luster and fancy colors! Congratulations!
Thanks everyone! I am so thrilled with my recent treasures! Yes I did purchase the pendant from Pearl Society and I had a great shopping experience with them. And yes it is a pendant not an enhancer which I may have to rectify in the future so I can wear it with heavier chains or over pearls!
The colors in the strand Chenai built for you are so yummy, and that is a great length for you. Your pendant is just wow. They look great layered together.