I need your advice please!


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Jan 18, 2018
Hello everybody!
I need some help please. About ten years ago I purchased a pair of tahitian pearl earrings set on sterling silver lever-back ear wires. Today I removed the pearls from the silver mountings because they were so thin that they were already deformed after some years. The vendor told me they were genuine Tahitian pearls, and I think he was onest when I look at them, but I'm not an expert so I need some advice. They are 8,2mm pearls, with a good luster (at least in my opinion, tell me please what do you think about). They have only a very little blemish each, but so small you can see it only under very close inspection, and they are on the back.
Please tell me what do you think about them in all sincerity (if they're genuine tahitian, if the luster is good, etc), every opinion (even negative) would be much appreciated. Thank you!
Thank you all for your advice!

Pattye, I was really surprised because it was very easy to remove them! I just tried to rotate the pearls very very gently and they came off immediately! Maybe they used a low quality glue, I was fortunate I never lost the pearls!
Amazing, how easily the backings came off and how fortunate for you! How are you going to mount the pearls now?

Recently I removed some fw pearls from some 14 K leverbacks; it took 3 or 4 microwave sessions. For myself, I do like the security of a leverback.
I'm mounting them right now, tomorrow you will see them!

Honestly it was the first time I removed pearls from their setting. Could you please tell me how you do it with the microwave?
Here they are, yesterday I set them in a mounting for earrings in 18kt white gold and 0.077ct diamonds (sorry for the bad quality of the photo but I can't do better):
They are beautiful in their new settings! Congratulations!