I have a clam Pearl..how do i find a buyer??

Here is the TV show that started the latest craze. Member Perlas brought it to our attention. The marine biologist says they are pearls (speaking in English) because they are cold to the touch, have growth lines, light up orange, and have a chalky texture. The educators say they are shell. Apparently, people are choosing to believe the marine biologist over the university people. No one is consulting a gemologist.


The second video has a segment from a lab where they say they are pearls.

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Which would you rather have, a romantic, valuable pearl, or a mundane piece of shell? A lot of people go through live deluding themselves. People are good at believing what they want to believe...
This is mind twisting

This is mind twisting

hi there... i have read the information here... do you mean that this TV show


Mislead Giant shell Filipino Owners? and how do we say if its a real pear? is it for his Beauty? or we can identify them in their MINERAL COMPOSITION?
The real question is value. People have been mislead that these things can be sold for a lot of money. We know of no instance of someone making a lot of money on them. Do you?
Hello forum
I am hoping this is the correct area for this post.. I apologize to the mods if it isn't!

So, my family had a giant clam Pearl that was found in the Philippines and now it is mine. I am trying to find how I can find a private seller, I do not want to do auctions at all

The Pearl is 17kilo , I don't have the length in front of me now but I have it.
It was tested in a lab in 2014 and I have the documents and I assume if I find a potential buyer they will want to get their own lab tests done.

I am in the USA and so is the Pearl (tri state area) .. I do not have the shell because it was way to big to travel with but I do have pictures of the Pearl and the shell.

I am not in this field and I don't know where to look for a buyer .. Would schools be interested? Are their institutions anyone knows of that purchases or may be interested in something like this?

If any one has any ideas where i should look it would help me so much .. I would like to sell it and since I am not in this field I do not have connections or guidelines where to find a buyer and I think it is something that someone or someplace would value..

Thank you

Have you already sold your pearl?
i have also one, but i don't know where to sell this.
Ejay23, the original poster Eismail5 has not visited the forum in 2 years. I do not think you will get a reply from them.

Please read the entire thread with the links. There does not seem to be a market for these objects.
Is there any ...

Is there any ...

GemGeek --- :) if the people is now misleading,,,,, is there anything this site can do to correct the wrong?
myphotoeditell, what this forum does is publish correct information about pearls. It's up to people to read it, to inform themselves, and then to be smart consumers.
The members here aren't "pearl police". All anyone can do is make sure that the proper info is available for people to find, as Pearl Dreams said.
myphotoeditell, what this forum does is publish correct information about pearls. It's up to people to read it, to inform themselves, and then to be smart consumers.

Well said, PD. People have been duped into thinking these so called clam pearls are valuable when they are not. I have never seen where these have any value other than a door stop. It's up to each individual to research & educate themselves.
1- IUCN Red List of Endangered Animals
2- CITES Accepted as Endangered Species
3- Endangered Species Act. Illegal to import and/or offer for trade in the United States without certification of having been harvested in a sustainable manner from the country of orgin.

Even if it were authentic or legal, it has no gemological value nor scientific value once removed from the tissues.

Every month or so (more often lately) I get an email with a monstrosity hacked from a shell accompanied by some wild tale of how a fisherman found and hid it many years ago. I don't bother to reply.
is a pearl considered a part or a piece of the giant clam?

"Pearls are not considered a "piece" of a shellfish in the traditional sense. They are not organs, tissues, or vital parts of the shellfish's body. Instead, pearls are formed as a byproduct of the shellfish's natural defense mechanisms. When a foreign object like a grain of sand or a parasite enters the shellfish, it starts secreting layers of a material called nacre, also known as mother-of-pearl, around the irritant."