Hisano's Personal Pearl Stash - this Wednesday!


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Aug 26, 2005
Something new, something fun! A Facebook, Virtual Pop Up with Hisano Shepherd!

For years Hisano has been collecting "special" pearls during her buying trips. There is a unique opportunity to see those pearls and the pieces she's made with them, live on Wednesday!

Register to Attend!
Wednesday, June 28th from 1-3 PM PST
Virtual Popup with Hisano.jpg
Oh I'd love to attend, but I'll be in the thick of work. Perhaps sometime it could be offered on a Saturday...
Oh darn. I was wondering about that, too, because I don’t do Facebook. I’ll be away from home, but I was hoping to catch a little of it.
I'd love to attend, but the registration link is not working.

The link finally took me to Facebook, but I don't see anywhere to respond, and yes, I'm signed in. Do I just post a reply?
Just figured it out! See what happens when you don't use Facebook on a regular basis?
Oh, I don't do Facebook, either. I hope a registered correctly. I signed into Facebook (I'm glad my computer remembered how, because I sure didn't.). And then I clicked the GOING button. Is that correct?
That was lovely!!!!! It was better once I figured out how the discussion thing worked. It helped to have 2 windows open, one with Hisano live, and the other with the discussion listings. I did have to keep refreshing the discussing screen in order to see each new listing.

Unfortunately, my house insurance came in last week and it freaking tripled in price, which cut into my pearl budget. Sigh.

It was great to "see" all my pearl friends.

PLEASE post the little H Facebook meeting in Pearl Guide when it's ready to happen!!!!!!! I will be there.
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I caught the last two pieces while it was live, but I got to watch the rest of it afterward. So fun! I ended up claiming a tahitian strand. I had all but sworn off them since I thought I had all the varieties I wanted but guess not! The light colored ones were just to die for. Can't wait for the next round!
Thank you for posting the link, Jeremy! I wasn’t home to watch live, and I also don’t have a FB account, so I really appreciated being able to view the video, even if I was late to the party.
I could never find the discussion thread so was never in the game. Probably better for me in the long run, lol.
Really was a lot of fun! So many beautiful pearls.

It took forever to find the discussion thread (I had two windows open) and when I finally did it didn't refresh so I didn't see the acctual offerings, until this morning. That's when I did all the damage, LOL...I got the Blue Akoya Tin Cup (gorgeous), the lightest blue/silver Tahitian Strand, the 19" graduated Tahitian strand, and Tahitian strand #12 of tinies...Do I like Tahitians or what? Hooked on Tinies after the first one from Kojima...(oops, I thought I was supposed to be on a no buy)....Tahitians have the most variety in color and size and I think that is what I like most.