Help! Vintage pearl necklace info, please...

Dec 15, 2021
Good afternoon, everyone! I'm hoping someone can help me identify/value this vintage, what I believe to be Biwa, pearl necklace. It has "JK8" as the maker's mark and "585" (14k) on both pieces of the clasp. It is knotted between each individual pearl, and has gold spring wire wrapped around the loop ends of the strands where they attach to the clasp. The photos don't even begin to show the true orient and luster of these pearls! Any information and expertise would be greatly appreciated!


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Welcome to the forum Mulberries!
I am no clasp nor biwa expert, but I know some in our forum are really good with these subjects.
The necklace looks really nice!
Thank you so much! I thought it was beautiful when I first spotted it, and immediately started trying to research it as soon as I brought it home, but haven't had much success. I'm really looking forward to gaining some much needed pearl knowledge!
Lovely necklace! As far as I understand, Biwa pearls were cultivated in Lake Biwa but I've seen these kind of 'stick' pearls been called Biwa before. They are freshwater pearls and their value is in a good looking necklace with orient and luster. The gold value of the clasp is probably a fair bit higher than any resale value of the pearls.

- Karin