Fujix Polyester Thread - Has anyone used?


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Jun 3, 2013
I have been given a very large box of threading materials from a pearl producer who has cleaned out one of their warehouses. I do all of their stringing so they had no use for it. It is full of spools of Fujix brand polyester thread. I have never used it before, and can only see one reference to that name in the forum from @pattye quite some time ago.
With a quick sample strand it seems to knot ok, but not sure about longevity or strength. Does anyone have any experience using this thread?
I’m usually a Serafil/Beaders Secret user.

Well, if the pearl producer used it, it's got to be good for something, right? Although, did they use it just for temporary strands or for actual knotting?

Try it out and let us know how it works. If it works great, you have a lifetime supply.
Wow, that's a lot of thread!! Checking google for Fujix thread found the company. You'll want to do your own tests, as all polyester thread isn't created equal. See if you can break it, note any stretch. Also I'd untwist a strand and look at it under a loupe. Let us know how the test strands hold up!
In the mid 90's John Tu gave me a spool of this thread. I used it on one of my first knotting projects to get some practice. After knotting 3 30" strands, I was feeling pretty confident. :)
This necklace has probably been worn several hundred times over the ensuing years, sometimes loose and sometimes twisted in a torsade. It has certainly stood the test of time.It does tend to twist up on itself, especially when knotting longer strands. Now I primarily use Serafil from Pattye.


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