Handmade Pearl Earring Wedding favors

Zoe Celeste

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Sep 27, 2016
Here is a sneak peak of the wedding favors I have been working on for our wedding in May. <3

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**DISCLAIMER: The shells are meant for decorative purposes only. These are most definitely CFW pearls!! lol


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Thank you, JerseyPearl!

We are going for "water" colors to fit the "mermaid and fisherman" theme. It has been tons of fun. I made 75 pairs... Just in case! My future hubby is making handmade fishing lures for the dudes. Unless, of course they would rather have earrings lol.
Thank you, Pattye!!

I really hope so. It has been a labor of love!!!
What a sweet idea. They're adorable. Those are the nicest keepsakes I've ever seen for a wedding. Ooops, I almost wrote weeding.
Thank you, Sun!! "Catch of a Lifetime" kinda just came to us, and we ran with it.... :D
Thank you so much, BWeaves!! I wanted to do something special, and I'm glad they worked out. :)

Maybe if we were in Colorado, we would be having a "weed"ing lol!!! This is just a plan ol' Arizona lakeside wedding :D
"catch of a lifetime": how sweet with a touch of humor! And I love the earrings. Just a thought -- are you sure that all your (female) guests have pierced ears?
What a super clever idea. The earrings are darling and I'm sure the guys will be pleased with fishing lures! Very cool way for your guests to remember the big event :)
Congrats on your upcoming wedding! And the earrings look great!
Thanks Dave! My hope is that our guests will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them!
Thanks, Marianne!

We really wanted to shy away from the "normal" wedding favors. I hope they are a hit!! :D