Handmade Pearl Earring Wedding favors

Thanks, Kat!! It's coming together nicely, and well worth the effort! <3

Awwww, thank you so much, Blair!!!! We wanted to make sure to send you a save the date, even though (as with all of our dear Pearl friends) we realize that it would be tough to come so far. We will be checking into Vista on July 11th, so we will have to do dinner some weekend! :eek:
Fisherman and mermaid - what a great theme!!! The earrings lovely. I'm so happy for you, Zoe!
What a great idea, love it! Very pretty earrings.
Thanks, Sheri!! I have thought of you TONS during this process... tapping into my inner mermaid <3

Thank you, Ash!!! I was hoping a simple design and pretty colors would appeal to the most people... It's actually quite a task to come up with favors that people may actually treasure, or even better - use!!

Thanks, Sun!! It really has been fun, and I think (hope!) that sense of light-heartedness and fun will carry all the way through the wedding and beyond! :eek:
I love the theme!!! You did a fantastic job getting it all together!
Oh JerseyPearl, I would LOVE to be lucky enough to sport any of Sheri's Mer/Octo-creations for the wedding, or any other day for that matter!!! I can't believe I hadn't thought of that already, lol :D

Thanks, Amti!! It is coming along, but there is still so much to do. I can't believe it is April already! :eek: