Get ready for those new mini-beaded freshwater pearls!

Gemgeek- I am currently in talks w Pearl Paradise to get a multi colored freshwater strand such as yours. This is my first strand I've bought.

Can I ask what quality, size, etc yours are? I am debating between the 35" and the 26". Freshadamas are out of my price range right now, but I want deep vibrant colors like yours.

Thanks in advance
Yes, Pearl Dreams is right. The other multicolor freshwater pearls will not be the same in terms of luster and color. You might want to wait and save up for the better pearls so you don't regret your purchase later.
But if Freshadamas are out of price range, AAA metallic Edisons would be, too, I think....

Saving up to get what one really wants is never a bad idea IMO.
Thank you. Are those metallic Edisons? I am new to this and trying to educate myself. I really like the deep colors
The metallic Edisons are indeed the ones with the deep colors. I borrowed this photo from another thread:

lilliefuzzysocks's photo of small multicolored Edisons.jpg

There are also non-bead nucleated freshwaters with great colors, but these are round because of the bead.

If roundness is not very important to you, you can save money by looking for baroque multicolored freshwater pearls. Baroque is a common shape for freshwaters, and baroque pearls often have fantastic luster.
Thank you very much for all of the photos and information. I have been talking w them and they sent me some pictures today. They are not quite as dark as those, but the ones they selected for me are beautiful and I'm sure I will be happy with them. I will post pics when I get them.

So glad I have this forum for information. This will be a great first strand. I will save my big first purchase for when I graduate nursing school and pass the NCLEX :)
I hope you will post photos when you get them-- and don't forget a neck shot! :)

When will you graduate?
eclectic- The natural regular all nacre freshwaters are very pretty but they are not dark in colour. Often in photos they will appear darker than they are. There are Edisons and Mings out there in the 8-11mm size that will give you the depth of colour you want. See what you think when you get them ... see what they are like in the sunlight and the shade. Best of luck !!
Katbran is right. You should see and try them on in different light before you decide how much you like them. Never make a decision about them by seeing them in the box. I especially love wearing pearls with my PJs and drinking my coffee.
Hi! I got to these articles late, and the links are no longer active. Is there somewhere else I can read up about them?
There is a scan of the InColor article on the CPAA website:
There is a scan of the InColor article on the CPAA website:
thank you for this!