First Basic Strand Purchase

Thank you Amanda, I think that the silver overtones definitely have a "South Sea" luster and look to them other than the obvious size difference!
The way that I interpret the "older & bigger rule" personally is not so much in terms of the luxury and price associated with larger pearls but more as the settings in which they would work well. I think younger people generally don't have as much opportunity to attend as many fancy occasions where this look might be suitable, perhaps for financial or just lifestyle reasons.
With your skin and hair tones, you'd also look lovely in south sea gold pearls, or naturally golden Akoyas, I think (I AM the voice of pearl temptation!). Those colours wouldn't suit me at all, sadly, although I think they are beautiful in themselves.

As an example of how delicate can work, this is one of my sisters - she's not tiny, although she's smaller than I am, 5 ft 4, British size 8 (I think that's an American size 4, but I'm not absolutely certain about that) wearing a very small and delicate pearl pendant.

I love pendants! That is a great look on your sister.
Golden akoyas are definitely on my wish list. I am wondering if gold-peach freshwater metallics might be similar.
Can't help but think that this thread is now mis-titled; nothing "basic" about those lovely freshadamas!
Agreed, perhaps "classic" would be a more suitable adjective. The necklace is on its way and I and giddy with anticipation!
Freshadamas have arrived!

Freshadamas have arrived!

16" 7.5-8.0mm silver overtone Freshadamas from PP *swoons*

They match the 7.5-8.5mm silver overtone Freshadama earrings I ordered previously. The earrings are rounder and more lustrous. Some pearls are a bit off-round nearer to the clasp, the most obvious being right next to the clasp, but I am so happy with them it doesn't matter. Needless to say, I am extremely satisfied.
Photos taken under indoor lighting and then indirect light outdoors. I might post some neck shots in "Show us your pearls"; I am quite happy with the length, for me it is in between a choker and princess, and I love the way it drapes.

in case.jpg


in skin.jpg

out case.jpg

out lay.jpg

out skin.jpg
Those are absolutely lovely pearls, I hope you get a lot of pleasure from wearing them.
Absolutely lovely. Wear them in good health! What a classic look you will wear throughout your lifetime!
They are just gorgeous and I am sure you will reach for them often! Enjoy!
You have taken terrific photographs! Lovely pearls that will last a lifetime. Enjoy! :)
Paradise indeed!

Paradise indeed!

I'm late to this thread but wanted to say, what a gorgeous choice! FWIW this size is what, reading pages of opinions, I hoped you'd get. I'm sure you will enjoy their beauty for years to come.
Thanks everyone for the kind comments! I wouldn't have been able get these wonderful pearls without the excellent advice from this thread as well as all of the information I learned from the PG forum. I really appreciate this community and you have made me a pearl-lover for life.