Fake Mikimoto pearl clasp?

They are. I got my £84 refund from EBay regarding the faux Marvella, plastic pearls, sold as Mikimoto.
Good to hear!
BWeaves, That is a fake Mikimoto. They never mention Mikimoto in the auction because it isn't a Miki. However, anyone who knows Miki can look at that and see that the clasp is an almost identical copy. It could be the picture is a real Miki but I can guarantee you that this is not what you'd receive when you get your pearls. I have seen silver versions of this clasp too.
Hi Amti, why do you think the clasp is a fake? I have one that is in silver and signed SIL. I was told that it is a modern Mikimoto because the previous owner got it from the store back in 2013. Everything looks same besides the material engravement and so does the font.